Day 43-AWESOME!!!

Good Afternoon & Happy Monday!


LOL! A GGH’er sent this to me and I had to share it with you guys.


This morning I hit Fit World for Fit Physique with Jen, AKA “Little Miss AWESOME!!!!!!” Awesome is Jen’s favorite expression and you know when you hear her shout AWESOMEEEEEEE during class the next move is gonna kick your butt. This class was super intense and definitely not for the faint of heart. As always, like all of the instructors, Jen gives a modified version of the move and shows you a low impact version, but me being glutton for punishment I like to go high impact. Interval training is the new “it” work out and this class had it all! From intense cardio to weights to my new fave toy the body bar, looking hot in your jeans is easy if you add this class to your weekly regimen. I’ll be there next week too, so come join me! Fit World truly has something for everyone and with child care and classes through out the day from 6:30AM until 8PM along with a gorgeous cardio and weight section there is no excuse! Go join! Stop by for a tour of the facility and tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya ;). Once your inside you wont want to work out any where else, I promise.

So what’s up for today in GGH Nation? Are you guys doing anything fun, planning a fun healthy dinner, going out? What ever you do have fun and don’t take life to seriously… puts wrinkles on your face LOL. My grandma has always said that.

So I’m winding up my Calorie Count Challenge tomorrow! I am dying to hit the scale and see what I have lost in the past 2 weeks… better be good. I feel like I have lost, but you know that can back fire. I just have to remember that it may not be a huge number like I used to produce when I started my journey. In the beginning once you get going and stick with it the weight just melts away, so nice. Now I’m really having to work hard, but it’s worth it! I will give you a full calorie run down tonight after dinner.

I’m off to fold laundry, glamorous I know. I hope you all have a fantastic day!

See ya tonight! Oh and be watching this week may have some really great surprises in store! Who likes FREE stuff?!


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