Day 40-Double Duty

Hello GGH Nation!

What a day, what a day…..but it was a good day. I practically live at Fit World now, I LOVE it.

I put in double duty today and attended Lori’s Total Body Sculpting class at 9:30am and I was dying. She is super intense but so encouraging, she makes you want to work hard and I appreciate that. Then tonight I attended the Group Fitness demo with 3 of Fit World’s Personal Trainers! I thought I was at Army boot camp but it was AWESOME! The dedication the instructor’s and trainer’s have is un like any other gym. These ladies want you to feel good about yourself and create a healthy body for YOU and not what they think it should be. Every body type is different and every one is at a different level of fitness and the arsenal of Fit World staff is ready to help you find your success. Where else can you go and receive that sort of attitude at a “gym”. Whether your 5″8′ and 110 pounds, a huge meaty guy, or a 5″2′ chubbette (that’s me 😉 ) they don’t care! They honestly just want to be the best part of your day every day. Fit World is your safe place, your oasis, and if you don’t believe me go see for your self. Tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent you and you want to see the 4 star treatment for yourself! I dare ya ;).

So I snapped some random pictures of Fit World today for you out of town GGH’ers to gaze upon! Enjoy!


Yes that is a GIGANTIC ceiling fan, you’re not seeing things LOL



My fave section….CARDIO


Marble and granite shower


sauna and shower view 2


Vanity and locker section


Weight machines


Free weights/dumb bells


Kettlebells- my loves!!


Group Excercise


I forgot to snap the spin room so when I attend my first spin class this next week I’ll take one!

Pretty nice huh?!! Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s amazing.

So as I mentioned last night I will be doing a Question of the Day! Today’s question is focusing on afternoon energy loss and snacks, and I’m also gonna throw one in about food choices! I also wanted to share a great portion of an email from my friends at Full Plate Diet I think you’ll enjoy it, and it helps with the food choices question. I have been telling you guys this all along but maybe if you see it from someone else you’ll believe me ;)! Enjoy!

Q: I’m hitting a wall around 3pm…what’s your favorite late afternoon pick-me-up?

A: I’m just gonna rattle them off LOL!

-Handful of nuts-walnuts, almonds, pecans those are my faves

-The ever faithful Myoplex Bar

-Chobani yogurt maybe with some nuts, some chocolate chips, or just by it’s self

-Amazing Grass mini shake (aka chocolate milk)-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass blended with one cup milk of choice and ice

-Handful of Kashi cereal

Those are my go to snacks!

Q: What is your advice for eating out? Fast food? Casual dining? How do you choose what to eat?

A: OK I think you all know what I’m going to address first, FAST FOOD-NOOOOOOOOOO STOP NEVER! There is no excuse for fast food friends! You should always have snacks on hand! In the car, at the office, in the diaper bag, whatever just always be prepared with non-perishable snacks. If you have time to whip through a drive thru you have time to find a grocery store that has a salad bar. Make a salad, grab some fruit just stay away from the fast food. Casual dining-easier! If you know you are going out to dinner that night eat smart all day! Lot’s of water, light snacks full of fiber and protein like Chobani yogurts, Mix My Granola or Amazing Grass. Also order something wise! Avoid food descriptions such as fried, battered, breaded-NO NO NO! Choose things that are described as grilled, broiled, or baked. Ask questions! Can you sub fries for steamed veggies….Mr.GGH does this ALL THE TIME! Just ask! Go with a nice steak and baked sweet potato with butter on the side for your steak houses. Avoid bread in the basket, avoid Caesar salad dressing, try to limit to one alcoholic beverage-the more ya drink the more ya eat. I always ask for a TO-GO carton with my plate and cut everything in half and only eat half of what they give me. It’s all about planning, check the menu before you go if it’s a new place. Most restaurants have online menu’s or ask them to email or fax one to you. If those still aren’t available options just watch the food descriptions. Think before you eat! Oh and no dessert unless it’s a special occasion and if it is go back to the half rule and then cut that in half!


Hope this helps you all out!

Check out this great email from Full Plate Diet too! Great food choice suggestions!



Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Every intention of eating healthy and staying on a diet usually goes out the window as soon as you walk through the door at your favorite party…
  • Skipping out on cake and ice cream is a bit un-celebratory, right?
  • How can someone turn down pizza on football night?
  • What’s the point of going to a family BBQ if you have to skip out on the brisket or ribs?
But who said that slimming down means you have to skip out on fun party foods? It doesn’t have to be that way. Remember that no food is forbidden. Rather, the challenge lies within our thinking. We must fight the human tendency to overindulge on “treat” foods simply because you’ll “only have them this once.” This isn’t your last meal, and it certainly won’t be the last time you have cake, or pizza, or brisket. Even if it’s the most delicious version you’ve ever had, one serving would suffice.
At parties especially, the amount of food we consume seems to slip under the radar. We seem to engage in automatic, mindless eating – others are eating while you’re talking, you’re busy paying attention to the TV set rather than what’s going in your mouth, etc. It’s as though your hand and mouth are in “feed me” mode.


Trick of the trade: Your goal then is to load your plate with filling salads, fruits, nuts, beans and veggies in addition to a serving of your favorite food item. This will help you feel full before you’ve eaten half the pizza, brisket, or cake all by yourself.  Then when you go back for your second serving, you won’t have to feel so guilty.



All right guys, I’m beat from today’s double duty! My legs are on FIRE! That’s a good thing ;).

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2 thoughts on “Day 40-Double Duty”

  • Hi Tera!

    I stumbled across your website thanks to Jordan Knight – and I love it.
    Your story is amazing and your daily blogs are a great motivation!

    I have lost 65 pounds myself and am targeting the last 15 pounds right now. And I find a lot of inspiration on your site.
    Keep up the great work – you really reach people with it. Even someone like me – living 1000miles away in Austria, Europe!

    Love Andie

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