Day 4, Now That’s More Like It!

Good Morning Friends!

Today is Day 4 and it started out as it should! Up by 7:30 am got the boys going, made a pre-gym power shake, and I was out the door and into Fit World for 10am!!! I arrived at Fit World a little later than I would’ve liked….but I was there! I put in some serious cardio this morning as well as abdominal work, since I ate like no other yesterday. I did a 3 miler on the tready, 1 mile quick walk, 1 mile run, and 1 mile jog/walk to cool down…..I’m hurtin’. I also hit up the Ab room and worked all of my abdominals on the ball with various crunches as well as the lower back fat love handle remover crunches…..say that 3 times fast! How many of you just said that 3 times fast? LOL

All in all it was a great work out and a good re-jump start to the 100 Day Challenge. I refuse to let all of the horrible emotional time we’ve just been through be a low point and allow myself to use food as a crutch! That’s how I got over 200 pounds before and I will NEVER see that weight ever again. I am 28 pounds away from being down 100 total pounds…..I NEED to do this and being on Ellen shall be my reward! I’m so glad to have a place like Fit World to go and work out. It’s a safety zone for me. I’m not stared at for huffing on the tready when it’s obvious I need to stop, instead I am encouraged by fellow members saying “you go girl, you can do it”. I mean where else are you gonna find that?! Not Gold’s…..I’m not a meat head or a female body builder, not Curves I’m not shy and I like working out in a big open space not an area that’s the size of my living room. If you haven’t taken advantage of the FREE 7 day pass, please do it! Just go check it out and take advantage of the super low price. Come October 1st the cheap gym price will no longer be available, and you will pay a much higher rate! The new gym is going to be INSANE and I would hate for you to pay tons of money!! So check out the link below and go for it!!!!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

So the weather today is down right FALL like….I LOVE it!!! It’s in the mid 70’s and there is a breeze and we have the windows open….yum. I’m trying to figure out what we are going to do today, the roofers cancelled! I’m happy but at the same time I am ready for these guys to be done and I hope to never see them again LOL.

I will leave you with the Goodie List for my pre-gym shake, as well as all of the reminders I post daily!

Have a wonderful day!

Pre-Gym Shake-

-2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-2 cups Baby Spinach (fresh not frozen)

-1 package frozen Strawberries

-1 package frozen Blueberries

-1/2 frozen Banana

-1 generous scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-1 TBSP plain low fat granola crumbles

Combine in blender, blend, and enjoy. This is a monster but it is sooooooo good!


Friendly Reminders:

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Amazing Grass-coupon has become available again enter HEALTHY at check out, only when going through the GGH site though! Click on the Amazing Grass jug to the right.

Mix My Granola– FREE shipping! You create it, you mix it,it’s all about YOU! It’s so cheap and with FREE shipping why not try it! Plus, they send you a $3 off coupon with your order if you order NOW! PLUS they added TRAIL MIX!!!!!!

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