Day 4, Kale-Not So Much

It’s Thursday!!!!

My working wonders, it’s your fave night of the week! I’m pretty stoked about Friday myself because I get to weigh in. It would be super awesome if I lost a couple of pounds during my first week on my Vegan adventure.

Speaking of my Vegan adventure, I found 1 item that I’m not fond of and 1 item that I discovered I despise! Check out menu for details.


Combination strawberries, blueberries, and So Delicious Coconut Yogurt! Great quick and filling breakfast, Zac had school this morning.


This is a Beefless Pita. This would be item 1 that I’m not fond of. I used Trader Joe’s Beefless Strips, and I have to say I’m not a fan. Maybe it’s because I really enjoy steak and this did not taste anywhere near steak. BUT to each his own, if you like them that’s great they’re a low cal meatless option.


Kale……blech. So the plan was to make a huge plate of kale to have alongside my leftover Tofu Stirfry from last night.

I chopped it all up, sauteed minced garlic and added the chopped kale to the pot. I topped it with sea salt and black pepper and gave it an Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzle. I popped a lid on it and let it steam/wilt down. I then plated it.

Then I dug in……and promptly spit it out. No one told me it resembled collard greens, or maybe that’s just my taste buds. Sorry kale lovers but I’m not a fan. BUT, if you have a better recipe or cooking method I’d try it again…..maybe ;).


Yummy Vegan Chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s!

This was really rich, and the almonds definitely helped with the slightly bitter taste. You don’t need much to satisfy the sweet craving with this little bar.

On to some awesome goodies I received in the mail this afternoon!

What an amazing surprise in my mail box! The lovelies at So Delicious were so excited to hear about my 30 Day Vegan Adventure, and my choice to basically thrive on their products, that they sent me a wealth of VIP coupons! Thanks again guys, this will definitely help me be successful and deliciously at that!

So I know you guys have heard me talking about Shakeology and how amazing it is and that it’s VEGETARIAN friendly…..but I have news for my Vegan friends!!! Launching very soon will be a Vegan-ized version of Shakeology! Have no fear Vegan friends I will keep you posted as to when you can purchase it!

But for my Vegetarians looking for a quick, delicious, nutriotous meal on the go…..

Want to get your Vegatarian on in 1 shake?! I urge you to check out: product will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you take in fruits and veggies! ONE shake provides over 70 nutrients and provides your body with an entire days worth of fruits and vegetables! That’s insane! No more excuse!! I don’t like veggies, I don’t like fruit….How about if they tasted like CHOCOLATE?!!! I challenge you to replace one meal, with Shakeology and watch your skin look better, hair get softer, nails grow and the POUNDS MELT AWAY! Get in on this Summer Shake Down!!! We are in a Challenge right now and this tool will help you achieve your goal for my 89 Days Challenge!!! You can also visit: and sign up for a FREE Beach Body Membership!!!

Have a great Friday and be sure to tune in for my WEIGH IN!!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 4, Kale-Not So Much”

  • Don’t give up on Kale!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I get a type of kale that I don’t enjoy, I make Kale chips out of them… sprinkle on some EVOO, salt, garlic powder and nutritional yeast… and put in the oven at 350, until crispy… so much better!!

  • IMO a lot of the veg*n meats don’t taste much like whatever they are trying to copy. Comparing to the original results in a meh response from me as well. However, often I really do like the new flavor if I let it stand on its own.

    Also with the TJ’s beefless or chkn strips, they definitely taste best with a marinade or sauce. Add some teriaki to them and suddenly they go from ok to awesome.

    Sorry about the kale… That was definitely a flavor that grew on me. If you you like sesame, adding some sesame oil and soy sauce when you saute can really add some depth. Also the different kinds of kale have different flavors. Red Russian and curly are stronger then lacinto is a little milder.

    Great news on Shakeology. I’m a fan of mixes with a good nurtritional profile. Sometimes I am lazy and they are a big help.

    Looking forward to the rest of your 30 days!

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