Day 39- Starting A New Life

Good Morning!

First I wanna toot my own horn and say that you guys set a GGH record last night! We had over 1,200 hits to the site over night!!! That’s not a typo, YES one thousand twelve hundred HITS! Thank you so much guys, that’s amazing and I hope you new visitors come back everyday! On with the post!

Happy Fit World Opening to ya!

Let me start by saying that having 3 local GGH’ers waiting to meet little ‘ol me today at Fit World was amazing. I would love to meet each and every one of you. You all mean the world to me and inspire me so much. Just to see the smiles on these lovely ladies’ faces was enough to carry me through a month. They were so eager to get started and work out, and most importantly START A NEW LIFE…….HEALTHY. I wanna share a little bit of an email that I received from a new GGH’er. I cried, happy tears of course, at reading this. I know EXACTLY how this beautiful lady feels, and as you read it you probably do to.


It was my son’s first birthday today. Instead of baking him a cake or 24 cupcakes (which I would end up eating), I got he and my daughter each a special ‘monster’ cupcake from Whole Foods. I felt some remorse in feeding him a store bought cupcake for his birthday…then I re-framed it…He got a store bought cupcake, and the promise of a healthier mommy for his first birthday. And I think that’s better than home-made right now.

YES! This amazing lady is ready to do this! Are you ready? Are you scared? Do you feel like you don’t deserve to have A NEW LIFE? Well I’m here to tell you that I thought all of those things just a short 10 months ago. All of those feelings are out the window and they never came back. I’m not saying I wake up every morning excited to work out or feeling like I look great, absolutely not. As a matter of fact I wore a hoodie all day yesterday while I was running around because I felt HUGE. To get all dolled up last night and wear “form fitting” clothes I was a little nervous. Then I put my pants on and they were roomy! These are the same pants that just a month ago were a little tight. So the moral of the story…stop doubting yourself and making excuses. If you don’t have kids, a significant other or some one to “lose the weight for” then do it for the most important person….YOU! That’s who you should be doing it for any way, YOU. Be selfish friends! You owe it to yourself to be able to get up everyday with out a struggle physically. Go for a walk, re-vamp your shopping list, take the stairs just take the first step to a whole new you. You can do it and you are worth it, and if anyone tells you different just send them my way, I’ll straighten them right out ;).

Stepping off of my soap box……

Ok so it has been brought to mya attention that you guys are stress eaters! Well guess what?! Hello my name is Tera and I am a stress eater…..the first step to correcting your eating challenge is finding the source. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that more than half of you out there are stress/emotional eaters. You find comfort in a huge bowl of ice cream or maybe you’re a savory person and you need the salty taste so you devour a bag of chips. While I don’t have a cure all, and I wont say that the feeling will go away at a certain point in your journey, I do have suggestions and tips that work for me AKA The Queen of Sweets.

For a chocolate craving I grab a Myoplex Lite Bar, I feel like I’m enjoying a candy bar. For that ice cream craving I do a skinny cow 100 calorie bar, at 100 calories I don’t feel bad about it. For those times when I don’t care what it is I just need the comfort of food I work out….YEP I work through the anger and stress with a run, walk, crunches, I punch my pillow I just remind myself that eating the entire container of Ben & Jerry’s from the corner store is not the answer, it will just make me fatter. I also find myself logging onto Twitter, facebook or reading emails from you guys. I take myself away from the food and try to push the stress away by doing something I enjoy. I hope this helps in some small way and if you have a great tip please send it to me at: so I can share it with GGH Nation!

I’m going to say goodbye for now. Lot’s to do before my Meet and Greet at Fit World tonight. I will be there from 4p to 6p and there is an incredible class going at 5:30pm in our gorgeous excercise room!

Come out and say hi!

Talk to you tonight, Hugs and Healthy Snacks!

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