Day 39- Reaching Out

Helllooooooo friends!

So can I start by saying hello crazy day number 2?! I want to give a HUGE shout out to Cynthia of Fit World. Cynthia is the General Manager of Fit World and an incredible lady. This woman has not slept in 24 hours just to make sure that the official opening of Fit World was AMAZING, and she made it happen. The devotion and passion that just surrounds her is unearthly. She is quite possibly one of the busiest people I know but she made time for each and every person that stopped her. She also reached out to new members to welcome them and place them with a trainer to show them around or introduce them to the staff, whatever the case Fit World would fall down with out her, her husband, and her beautiful daughter Tiffany. The boss man should be sooooo proud and I know he is ;). So Ms. Cynthia, I thank you, love you, admire you, and I’m proud to call you my friend. ***Applause***

So tonight’s Meet and Greet was really fun. I had the opportunity to work with the Front Desk staff and that was super fantastic. Just chit chatting with people and meeting some of you that visit the site was un-real. Thank you for stopping by, it meant so much.

So I received another wonderful email tonight from a local and new GGH’er. I just want to share a couple of lines with you all. This is HUGE for her and I’m so proud!!

Hi Tera, it was great to meet you at Fit World tonight and I thank you for taking the time to talk to me.  I feel so inspired and excited and I am looking forward to this journey.
Yay I converted another one LOL ;). This young lady is gorgeous and when she is done with her journey she is gonna be a knock out! Watch out fella’s she’s coming for YOU ;).
So tonight we are going to start a new section of GGH called Question of the Day! I will take a random question asked by you guys and answer it here! Send any questions to or Tweet/Facebook me! Anything goes!
Tonight’s question is a about veggies!
Q: I always buy fresh veggies but when I finally get around to cooking them they have gone bad! What do you suggest?
A: Great question and some of you aren’t going to like the answer, but this is what I do. I buy a mix of fresh and frozen steam in bag veggies! I only buy veggies that I know I will absolutely be using that week in a meal and I only buy enough for that particular meal. For a back up side dish if you will I use steam in bag veggies. they taste just as great, are safe from rotting in my freezer, and all of the chopping and washing is done for me. As a busy mom, wife, and business woman time is of the essence and I’m not ashamed to say I pop a bag of broccoli in the microwave and let it steam away. So, to sum up……only buy what you need!
Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what questions you come up with!
All right friends I’m super duper tired and I need to be fresh and ready in the morning to hit Fit World hard core! This is business and this last 25 pounds is goin bye bye!!!
I will be attending Total Body Sculpt at 9:30AM with Lori S! Total Body Sculpt is a total body weight training class that will target every muscle providing an over all toning and firming! Yes!!!! I love me some total body toning, I wanna be tighter than Joan River’s face LOL sorry that was tacky ;).
Come join me if you can!!!!
Off to enjoy a cup of decaf Coconut Chai…..oh yea!!!
By the way, if anyone knows where I can get one of those FABU gigantic mugs like they used on Friends for a reasonable price let me know!!
Nite Nite!!

I will be doing an AMAZING GRASS GIVEAWAY!!!! YES FREE GRASS! Stay tuned for contest details! Plus there is a new coupon code below, and they have a deal to try all of the Amazing Grass Bars for $9.99 including shipping!!!!!!!! That’s a stellar deal!


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  • Tera –
    Just saw the cups recently at TJ Maxx/Homegoods or Marshalls in Warwick/Cranston…can’t remember which one…they are all a blur for me.

    Must have for Fall! In Seattle we like to ‘cuddle’ our big cups on the rainy mornings…it’s like holding a warm little friend…

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