Day 35-Whistle While You Work


Good afternoon friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday afternoon to top off an amazing weekend.

We are having some rainy weather today, all day for that matter, so it’s just football, sweats and realxin’ for us all day. Doesn’t get much better. I love waking up to the pitter patter of rain drops on my window…..especially when I roll over and see that it’s 8:30AM!! Woooooo! Felt so good to sleep in and I guess Zachary needed it too. I also love washing up changing out of pj’s and into sweats, so lazy but so delicious. Mr. GGH and I decided to make today an off day from working out, I have been to the gym 9 days straight so I think a couple of chill out days are in order. Plus with the new Fit World opening this week I need my rest ;). I’m gonna have to look appropriate to meet all of you guys and to possibly meet Mr. Jordan Knight this Thursday!

Tomorrow is the absolute LAST DAY to sign up at the $20 a month price. The old location will be CLOSED Tuesday and Wednesday in order to clean up and get the new facility looking ship shape. The new Fit World is going to blow your mind. It’s unlike any other gym in this area, PHENOMENAL!!! I hope to see tons of you there this Thursday Oct 1st!!

So yesterday and today were my off calorie days! My GGH calorie counting partner and I decided that we would make weekends our “off days”. We still count the calories and are mindful of the intake, we just don’t write everything down. This was my idea and the reason behind it was to simply train the mind. You can’t always have a pad and paper and jot down every calorie. You have to learn what foods you can take in, what portion size etc etc. So it’s the same principal behind GGH, and I have to tell ya I have still done just as well not writing everything down. That tells me that my choices are good choices, there’s nothing to question or feel “guilty” about, and I have truly made a lifestyle change because I KNOW what I can and can’t eat. It feels good! My partner is also doing well, I’m hoping she will allow me to tell you who she is at the end of our 2 week challenge.

MMMMM I wish you guys could smell my Harvest Pumpkin Soup simmering away right now……can’t wait to try it. I have been in the kitchen ALL morning, experimenting with pumpkins, and that makes me super happy. I have been humming and singing, playing with Zachary and having him help me. I will post the pics of the food later on and the recipes will be posted when the new RI Mag issue comes out! So yummy! Plus the soup is low calorie and full of fresh veggies.

Now I’m going to go peek at my soup and then cuddle up on the couch and watch the Patriots lose…..I mean watch football with the hubby ;).

I hope you all have a spectacular day! I will be on later, rumor has it there might be a poker game at my house around 4:30 this afternoon so I will have to play hostess.

Until later…..enjoy your day!

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