Day 34- Out Of Pumpkin Pie Mix?! WTH


OK so it has officially been brought to my attention why I shop at Whole Foods! I have an article due on Monday for the next issue of RI Mag (which by the way my article in the current issue is HUGE and you can pick it up at any Stop and Shop, Shaw’s etc etc…).

Anyway back on track…so my next article is due in Monday and it’s for the October issue so it’s all about Pumpkins. So I decided to venture out this evening, once my little guy was down, and gather up all of my goodies so I could spend the day in the kitchen tomorrow doing pumpkin experiments. I thought it would be a good idea if I just went to the Stop and Shop which is 2 minutes from my house….I never shop there simply because I want to be in and out and I end up seeing a million people I know and I always look awful LOL! The produce selection was HORRID tonight! I’m planning on making a stew or soup with a pumpkin base so I needed celery, carrots, spinach etc and it was slim pickins, plus the store was being completely ripped apart and not one single worker knew where anything was. The desserts I plan on featuring will be quick fix types of desserts so I was looking for canned Pumpkin Pie Mix and Pumpkin Puree and guess what….not one single can of pumpkin anything!!! So I decided to gather the other items I needed since I was there and then I would head over to the Shaw’s in Garden City. Yea OK Shaw’s was also completely out of pumpkin everything and when I asked the kid stocking on the baking aisle he had no idea what I was talking about!

So I zipped over to my mecca Whole Foods, where I should’ve been in the first place, asked someone if they had any pumpkin mix in stock and was pleased to hear YES THEY DO! I went right to the baking aisle and was so happy to see about 3 different varieties of Pumpkin goodies. They even had Organic and Vegan Pumpkin Pie Mix!!!! So yes it is worth it to me to pay the extra money because they ALWAYS have what I need and I don’t feel like I need a martini when I leave there LOL. Plus I LOVE supporting my local farmer’s by purchasing our produce there.

I look cute huh? LOL

So anyway tomorrow will be spent watching football and making all sorts of pumpkin goodness. From fresh Harvest Pumpkin Soup to a wonderful and easy quick fix Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake that any level cook will be able to whip up thanks to a couple of store bought helpers ;)!

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday….I’m going to sign off early. 6 AM this morning is catching up to me and the chain super market un-intelligence aggravation isn’t helping.

I will see you in the morning after my cardio at Fit World! Send in your dinner ideas and I will do that post tomorrow!

Have a great night!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Day 34- Out Of Pumpkin Pie Mix?! WTH”

  • Hi there!
    Thanks for commenting, I’m going to adjust my post so that you understand what i mean when I say fresh produce. I’m not just making sweets and pies, I’m making soups as well so I needed spinach, carrots etc and the selection was rotten. I’m not meaning to be snobby or pretentious by any means and if you read other posts I think you’ll see that. I do appreciate your comment, and hope that you take time to read the updated post! Thanks for stopping by!

  • UUMMMMM…..fresh produce does not include canned goods!! Stop and Shop carries fresh pumpkins, sugar pumpkins and all sorts of squash. All the “goodies” you need to make wonderful pumpkin desserts. Please don’t be so quick to down Stop and Shop just because you don’t know how to shop!!!!. Actually try the fresh produce section someday rather than the canned goods section and you will be amazed at what you find. a good rule of thumb is always do your food shopping on the outskirts of the market, stay out of the center of the market!! Stay away from canned goods!!!! Buy fresh!! Please try not to come off as so pretentious, it may turn the ordinary folk away!!!!Your heart is in the right place, however, to each his own!!!!

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