Day 34-All About Breakfast!

Good Morning!

We were up early this morning….6:30am, and it was a very chilly 44 degrees!! BRRRRRRRR

Won’t be long now!!! I love Fall, you guys are probably so tired of me saying it by now but it’s so beautiful.

I bundled up this morning and hit Fit World early for an interval run, triceps, and abs. My interval run was a very hard/speed run for a total of 1.5 miles, doesn’t sound far but the intervals are long and FAST. My tricep work out was pretty basic, I used the rope on the machine for pulls-3 sets of 10 at 20 pound weight and then free weights at 10 pounds, 3 sets of tricep kick backs, pulses, and finished with 100 crunches on the ball and reverse crunches on the mat for the lower pooch! I was a sweaty mess when I left but it felt soooooo good!

Fit World’s big Grand Opening is next Thursday!!! Hurry and sign up by Monday to receive the $20 a month price!!!! GO GO GO!!!

This morning before I left for my work out I asked my Tweeps to post their fave healthy breakfast! I received some really tasty ideas! Check them out!!

ErinLefebvre My go-to breakfast – toasted english muffin, halves topped w/ fat-free mozz shredded cheese, top with 1/2 c southwest eggbeaters.

a_knightsdamsel Breakfast Quesadilla.. (whole wheat tortillas, egg whites, turkey bacon, low fat cheese, red & green peppers, onion) yummy!! I have it with my 1 and only cup of coffee for the day and a bowl of whatever fruit is on hand… usually mixed melons.

MissNathVintage Tofu Rancheros Breakfast Burritos with avacado, salsa & Tempeh Bacon. To drink orange juice. Mmmm

BadHolly Plain irish oatmeal and an egg white omlet with spinach, shredded cheese (veggie shreds) & turkey bacon

JoannaSutter Quiche and coffee for me! followed by a bowl of 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup edamame

cupcakegirl81 Fresh cut fruit & plenty of it. Also enjoy Cheerio’s occasionally with 1 cup w low fat milk & a banana

mandydaniels1 My fave breakfast is a banana & oatmeal smoothie ~ very tasty!! (homemade)

Some pretty awesome options, and some recipes I would LOVE to have!!!

My breakfast pre-Fit World was a bowl of Kashi 3/4 cup serving to 1 cup of Light Vanilla Soy Milk: 200 cals


Post Fit World Snack: Myoplex Bar 190 Cals

Total for day: 390 cals

I shall leave you all now to figure out what sort of fun family adventure we will have today! Have a wonderful Saturday friends and Thank You to everyone who posted their breakfast!!!

See ya tonight!

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