Day 30-Loser and Tears-Them Not Me

Good Evening Friends!

I’m watching Loser as I type, so sad this season. They are one emotional group this bunch. The guy from the Brown team is forever crying and it makes me so sad LOL. I love me some Coach Mo! How about you guys? Still loving Abby and Rebecca, and Julio is on my list. I didn’t really care that Alaexandra went home last week because I didn’t form that “bond” with her but seeing how lazy Julio is made me mad. It breaks my heart hearing the kids talk to their parents, I love my Zac and I don’t think I could be away from him like that. I am sobbing, this is so sad….LOL I know I’m a cornball.

Who are you guys loving and despising? Let’s have Loser chats every Tuesday! I think it will help motivate all of us to keep going.

So anyway as I said in my earlier post I have decided to calorie count with a fellow GGH’er for 2 weeks. Today was tough, not gonna lie. I have been eating a certain way for a while now and to change it up and stretch my cals through out the day is something. However, I’m under my cals and I’m under the recommended daily amount which is 1,200. When I went on to one site it told me that I needed about 1800 calories a day and 4 other sites gave me anywhere between 1300 and 1600. So I have decided to do a minimum of 1200 calories and a max of 1400. I go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week and spend an hour or more there and burn a lot of calories, so I’m thinking that should be fair. I’ll break down my in take for today below!

-260 cals lunch (sandwich-flatbread, spinach, hummus, crackers)

-170 cals snack (chobani and cheerios)

-470 cals dinner (2 1/2 tacos)

That’s a total of 900 calories, I’m below the recommended like I said so it’s sticky. Do I have a Skinny Cow 100 calorie ice cream or not?!!! LOL! I’m not starving, but I’m not stuffed. I’m thinking I will enjoy a Chai Tea Latte and call it a day.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you count cals? CHAT IT UP!!

So we shall see in 2 weeks if this has been monumental or not!

I am excited to go to Pilates tomorrow morning! I think I will get there early and put in a mile on the tready before class!!! I hope to see you all there, this is our last week in the old gym! This time next week we will be on pins and needles to see the new place. I will be handing out T shirts and doing a meet and greet next Wednesday at the brand new Fit World! I’ll let you know what time I will be there, and I hope to meet a lot of you.

But for now, print the coupon come to Pilates and take advantage of the cheap price NOW! My mother in law joined today and she is paying $20 a month with unlimited tanning, classes, equipment, sauna, EVERYTHING for $20!!!! GO SIGN UP!!!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

I hope to see you soon, and if you’re already a member come and introduce yourself! Have a great night friends!!! Let’s watch the end of Loser now!!! EXCITED!!!

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