Day 30-Choices

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I want to start by apologizing for my rant last night. I even gone as far as deleting the negative part of it! If anyone out there understands where I’m coming from please speak up, I need you LOL. I love logging onto GGH, Facebook, and Twitter and seeing all of my “fans” especially the one’s in Spain, France, Australia….I mean my gosh I’m international LOL. But what hurts is not seeing the people I know personally, people who are supposed to be my direct support, have my back. And while they may be there in the wings cheering me on silently sometimes you need them to grab the megaphone and be your biggest fan. In talking with the hubby, my passion and excitement for things is so big that sometimes I expect people to return it in the same way I would. For example, if I like you guys discovered GGH or knew the creator personally and saw that person on a fairly regular basis I would let that person know how much I enjoy the posts, the ideas what ever the case may be. Apparently other people aren’t like that and that’s OK, frustrating sometimes, but OK.

However, after staying up all night and thinking about how I can “get over it” I came up with one word: choices. We have the right and ability to make choices EVERYDAY. You can choose to eat the cookie or say no thank you, you can choose to buy the cigarettes or save the money, you can choose what you listen to and who you believe, and most importantly you can choose your friends. I choose to treat everyday as a fresh palette. Everyday I will learn something new, take on a challenge, and continue to know that though I may not hear it Girl Gone Healthy is a good thing and I am helping people. I choose to accept that certain people in my life don’t care about GGH, don’t care about my weight loss, don’t care that I am writing for magazines and most important I have to CHOOSE to not let it bother me. Obviously I am capable of doing what I am doing with out their support so why should I let it effect me and cause me to not be positive when that’s what my readers need.

So friends I ask you to CHOOSE today! Choose to not drink the soda, choose to go to the gym even though you don’t want to, choose to call someone who’s been on your mind, just choose something. Take the step and free yourself, this has been affecting me for so long now and just lettting it go and saying it out loud is weight lifted. I’m not saying it wont be easy and I’m “cured” it’s a battle but I’m strong and I won’t let it win.

Make a choice….

Ok off my soap box now hehehe.

So one of my fellow dieting Tweeps counts her daily cals and tweets what she eats. I find this so intriguing. I chatted with her yesterday and did a little research on just counting calorie intake and watching fat/carb intake. While I was buzzing around the web I received an email from a fan who saw our Tweets and asked me to try calorie counting with ehr for 2 weeks to see how much weight could really be lost. So of course you know me, when presented with something I can’t say NO! So from today Sept 22 until Oct 6th I will be eating 1800 calories a day…..OMGosh…..that doesn’t seem like a lot huh? It makes me hungry just seeing the number LOL. I started today after the gym with a nice Hummus and Spinach sammie and Special K crackers on the side. My entire lunch was 260 calories. I even added cals because the serving size for spinach is 20 cals for 4 cups and I obviously didn’t have 4 cups. My only draw back to this is eating back the calories I burn at the gym. For instance today I burned 400 calories how the heck do I factor that back in, and I definitely don’t wanna eat 400 calories that I worked SUPER hard to work off. What are your thoughts? I also put this up as a topic of discussion Twitter. You can follow me at

Anyhow, here’s a pic of my lunch and the Goodie List:


Arnold’s Flatbread w/ Garlic Hummus and Fresh Baby Spinach:

-1 flatbread

-2 tbsps garlic hummus

-handful fresh spinach shredded to fit on flatbread

-1 package Special K 90 calorie crackers in Italian Tomato flavor on the side

Total=260 calories

Not a bad little lunch!

So now I’m going to do laundry and dishes etc etc….fun I know ;).

I will see you tonight!

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