Day 27-Non Stop

Good Evening Friends!

What a day what a day. Non stop today guys, tons of errands for tomorrow’s party. We hit the “Holy Trinity” of shopping-Trader Joe’s, Target, and Whole Foods LOL. Usually it’s just Zac and I making the circuit but Ryan is off the weekend so he came with….I think he’s more tired than me. We managed to get everything though and I even started the baking tonight. I will give you a full menu report with pics tomorrow!!! It’s gonna be yummy!

On a side note, let’s talk about the Biggest Loser Protein 2 Go. As I said earlier the taste of whey is super predominant, and it took me a long time to finish the bottle. It did give me that full feeling all afternoon, but it made me live in the bathroom for a bit…..not to be gross but I would want some one to give me the heads up LOL ;). Definitely going to use it more as a once a week detox on a day where I’m planning on sticking close to home. Let me know if you try it and what you think, I found it at GNC and it was on sale for $10.


For dinner I did quick and easy Chicken-Mushrooms-Peppers so I could clean while it was in the oven.

Goodie List:

-1 small package chicken breasts

-1 package sliced mushrooms

-2 medium sized green peppers chopped

– 1 1/2 cups tomato puree

-seasonings:salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, basil


-parmesan cheese

Place chicken in baking dish well covered with EVOO, sprinkle seasonings to taste all over chicken followed by tomato puree. In seperate dish also coated with EVOO place mushrooms and peppers, sprinkle same seasonings over top. Place both dishes in pre heated 375 oven for 40 minutes or until chicken is done. Combine chicken dish with mushroom/pepper dish, once out oven, mixing together coating the veggies with sauce. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, plate and enjoy.


Tomato puree I use, low cal and carb-great sub for sauce!



So now I’m just going to fold laundry and try to find a movie to watch with the hubby! Busy day tomorrow full of FOOT BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited for that!

Have a great night, see you in the AM!

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1 thought on “Day 27-Non Stop”

  • Hey! Thanks for the heads up about the protein drink. I may try it one day, maybe 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your day today. I tried the raspberries with the plain superfood amazing grass and I did not like the combination. The flavor wasn’t there, maybe I used too little raspberries, and the seeds in the raspberries are really annoying. I love the flavor of them but I hate those little seeds, they are annoying 😉 I plan on trying the tea tonight 🙂 Take care.

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