Day 23, Twice Baked Eggplant


OMGosh let’s talk LOSER!!!! Holy cow what a season we are in store for. I’m so excited and motivated. I love seeing them work so hard, it makes me get off the couch and do crunches ands weights while the show is on. I already have faves!!


My gosh what a story… heart broke to hear her speak about the tragedy that took her family from her. I paused the show and crawled into my hubby’s lap and told him I loved him….I then ran to my Zac’s room and kissed him. I can’t even imagine what her day to day must be like, but she is a strong woman. How great for women who are in a position of grieving and self doubt to have a positive role model. AWESOME!

Also…..PINK TEAM!!!! I love Rebecca! I couldn’t find a pic of her in Pink, but here she is:

Ummm for those of you who know me personally….can you see why I like her? THATS ME!!! Trendy hair, overly bubbly personality, saying bring on the next challenge….LOVE HER!!! I hope she succeeds!

Who are your faves? What was your fave moment? How do you feel about tonight’s Vote? (I don’t wanna say who went home and spoil it!)

Write me, Facebook me, Tweet me….I wanna know your thoughts!

So for dinner tonight I made Twice Baked Eggplant! Inspired by the Twice Baked Potato but healthy!!!

Goodie List:

-2 medium sized eggplant

-2 cups diced chicken

-3 cups fresh baby spinach

-1 1/2 cups tomato puree

-Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Dried Oregano and Basil-All to taste


-2 TBSP crushed garlic ( I use the garlic that’s in the jar from the market! Time and smell saver!)

To start:

Slice eggplant lengthwise and use a melon baller to remove the inside of the eggplant. Set “insides” aside.


Pre Heat oven to 425 and place eggplant shells in large casserole dish coated with cooking spray. Allow shells to sit in oven while it heats up and for an additional 10 minutes once oven is at temperature. Remove from oven and set aside.

Next, saute chicken in LARGE hot skillet coated with cooking spray until nice and golden brown. Add in eggplant insides along with a “shot” ( shot=2TBSP) of EVOO across the top of everything, combine well coating chicken and eggplant with EVOO. Add in garlic and all spices including salt and pepper, mix again allowing garlic to marinade the mixture. Once garlic has cooked down and eggplant is tender, add in spinach allowing it to cook down/wilt. Once spinach is wilted, pour tomato puree in, mix well and allow entire skillet to simmer on medium low until sauce thickens. Your final step is spooning the chicken and eggplant mixture into the eggplant shells. Fill to top and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake for 10 minutes in pre heated 425 oven or until cheese is bubbly. Serve up and enjoy!


Out of the oven!

Now for my bowl!




This was really tasty and super filling! I ate half of that bowl and I was super full!

Now that’s what i call a good night! Great TV that is inspiring and not depressing and a wonderful meal.

I hope you all had a great Tuesday! Pilates tomorrow at 9:30am- Fit World!! Come join me!

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