Day 22, Does It Make A Difference?

Good Monday!!!!

How is everyone doing on this Monday? Are you working, playing, maybe making a delicious snack?

I personally am chopping away on a Myoplex Lite Bar, I’d show you a picture but it’s not pretty LOL. I’m starving and I think it’s because of the hard core Kick N Abs class Lea provided this morning. We worked soooooo hard this morning, I loved it. Fit World is 17 days away from being in the brand new facility!! I have seen and heard some pretty great things that are still to come for the new place. YOU have to go join ASAP the $18 a month price will be non-existent in 2 weeks. GO NOW, tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent you……you’ll get VIP treatment times 10!!! Who doesn’t like feeling like the supa star that they are!!!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

While you’re printing out your coupon, cruise around the site and look at the construction pics!!

I always check my GGH mail before I post and I was flooded today!!!! I always seem to receive the perfect emails right when I need them. Sometimes I feel like no one really cares about what I’m doing, eating, or what I’m thinking and feeling. Then I receive emails like I did today and it hits me, if I can make a difference and inspire ONE person then I have to keep going. If I don’t do this everyday I may let someone down, and that may be the day they need me. So though sometimes I don’t always post at the same time everyday, I will post. I need this just as much as you guys. Thank you for letting me know that I’m a part of your day everyday. It’s wonderful to have so many new friends. And for those of you who haven’t contacted me….DO IT!!! I love to hear from you guys,

So today the hubby and his friend George are re-doing the ceiling in our family room…….that means chaos……that means Tera’s not a happy camper!!! Oh well it has to be done, and I want it done before my Patriots blow out on Sunday!!

I think when Zac get’s up and is done with lunch we will head out and do some shopping!!! I need new jeans!! I’m happy to purchase them too because they are 12 sizes smaller than when I started this journey in December 2008!!!


Allright the Myoplex Bar isn’t sufficing so I need to go browse my fridge! I hope you all have an amazing day. I look forward to hearing from some new GGH friends!!! Come on email me, you know you want to!

See you tonight!

P.S. I will be doing an AMAZING GRASS GIVEAWAY!!!! YES FREE GRASS! Stay tuned for contest details! Plus there is a new coupon code below, and they have a deal to try all of the Amazing Grass Bars for $9.99 including shipping!!!!!!!! That’s a stellar deal!


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2 thoughts on “Day 22, Does It Make A Difference?”

  • Tera, you do make a difference.

    Things I have tried because of Tera:

    1) Whole Foods shopping
    2) Amazing Grass (sorry, not a fan)
    3) Went back to the gym
    4) Jen Lancaster (Such a Pretty Fat)
    5) Bison
    6) Chobani yogurt (love it)

    I’m not nearly as healthy as you and I haven’t made major changes in my life but I am thankful for the six above…baby steps for me.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • You do make a difference Tera… I feel the same as you do many days, and it’s so nice to come here and read your words… the smallest bit can be inspiring! A couple of weeks ago when we started talking, I fully expected you to laugh at my goal, thinking 75 pounds was too much and I didn’t need to get THAT skinny, because that’s what everyone else has said… you were the first person to say “it’s NOT too much, you CAN do it!” – I’m not even kidding, the moment I read those words something sparked inside of me and I just realized “OMG, she’s right, I CAN do this!” You’re making a difference – keep up the good work girlfriend! xoxo

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