Day 2-Back To Normal


I hafta say I was so happy to get back to normal today! Zac’s school was closed all of last week and yesterday and after my let down from the audition I really needed normalcy…..and it finally came today!

It was so great seeing him get excited to be at school! I love watching him with the other kids, so sweet. It was also nice to come home and do lunch followed by a nice nap-for him not me LOL. As he napped I decided to check my email and I was SHOCKED at my inbox. We now have 50 Fabulous Fall Challengers and over 590 pounds have been pledged to be shed. I can’t believe how many people we have this year, and the positive emails you all are sending are keeping me going! If you’d like to sign up, just fill out the form to the right and join us! There’s no better time to change your life!!!

For tonight I wanted to touch on something that really, honestly helped me when I began my journey. If you’re an avid or long time GGH reader you probably already know what product I’m going to talk about…..AMAZING GRASS!!!!! If you purchase one thing for this Challenge this needs to be it! It helped me shed my 100 lbs and I still use it daily, sometimes twice a day. It is jam packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and gives you energy like caffeine can’t!!! Please take a minute to click on any of the Amazing Grass ad’s to the right, check it out you won’t be sorry! I love the CHOCOLATE-yep chocolate, the Vanilla Chai, and I love the Kid’s flavors!!! Zac loves them too, and he doesn’t like anything LOL!


My friends at Amazing Grass want to give you a GREAT deal! Simply click on one of the Amazing Grass banners to the right and enter “HEALTHY” at check out to save 15% off of your order!

And if you think that’s AMAZING wait till you see what I have to announce later in the week….it’s a GIVEAWAY with a fantastic new AG product!!!!! And it’s raw, vegan, vegetarian approved….wooo!

So click on any of the AG banners to the right and shop away!

My work out today was small but meaningful, nice 30 minute vigorous walk with Zac up my neighborhood’s hill of death twice! I did put in my 64 oz’s of water….I need to do more, this is a struggle for me!

Hope you all have a wonderful night!!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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