Day 19

Hello Friends!

Well today was a little better, but it was rainy so family fun day was indoor errands.

Before we started family fun day I hot up Fit World and I brought the Mother In Law with me. You should’ve seen her walk out of the house when I pulled up! She was all color coordinated so she can work out with me anytime. We had fun on the tready’s and she did really well. So happy she’s going to sign up and she is slowly on her way to getting on a healthier track. I’m so glad tomorrow is Yoga at Fit World. I’m hoping it’s a nice meditation and relaxtion pose class. I have been in such a funk and I think I just need to cleanse and tan….I’m soooooo pale…..yuck! I feel better with color and I have more confidence. That may sound vain, but I’m all for what ever works for the individual and tanning works for me! Wanna join me for Yoga and tanning tomorrow? 9AM Group Exercise Room, use the coupon below and come!!! If you’re already a member please give me a shout tomorrow, I love meeting new gym friends.

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

For dinner tonight I made Mexican Turkey Chili with Pita Chips on the side. It was so cold and gray out today that I was feeling the need for a nice hearty Fall meal.

Mexican Chili and Pita Chips

-1 medium package Ground Turkey

-1 can Hunts Sugar Free Tomato Sauce (16 oz size)

-1 small can Hunt’s Tomato Paste (only using 1/2 the can)

-1 large Onion chopped

-1 Taco Flavored Seasoning Pack (any pack will do they really aren’t that bad for you)

-6 small Pita’s cut into fourths

-Olive Oil

-Sea Salt

Start by cooking the ground turkey until completely done. Once turkey is done add in can of tomato sauce, 1/2 can tomato paste, onions, and taco seasoning pack. Stir all together, mixing well. Once all combined allow to simmer on medium until sauce is thickened. Turn heat to low and start on pita chips.

Pita Chips- Heat enough olive oil to “fry” the pita pieces. Once oil is warm place pita pieces in cooking for a couple of minutes on each side allowing the entire pita to become golden and crispy. Place on cooling plate and sprinkle with Sea Salt while hot and cooling.



So now with full bellies, I am going to join my hubby in an MGD 64 toast and watch him hook up his new 42 inch Flat Screen. He’s a happy camper! I need to make a purchase so I can be a happy camper too!!!

Have a great night!!!


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