Day 19, Where The Heck Did 18 Go?

Ohhhhhhhh Morning!

Ok so yesterday did NOT go as planned, at all. For those of you who know me personally or have been reading GGH for a bit now know that I am a planner and I enjoy following a “schedule”. Yes, I am well aware that things don’t always go according to plan, but in my world I try and make them come pretty darn close. The initial plan was to take an off day from the gym, finish putting the stain on the floor, touch up paint where needed and the hubby was going to prep the yard for the yard work that was supposed to happen today, and then we were going to head out for some fun with Zac before our Thursday night date night. OK so I’ll let you guess where the day went down hill. Yes from the get go. I successfully skipped the gym though and I hate it. I always have 2 off days but by the end of the day yesterday I was in need of a work out for stress relief reasons. Oh and on top of everything taking way longer than it should have, the yard had to be done yesterday instead of today because it’s going to rain today-ok fine but the clencher and the reason that yesterday was so BLAH was we had no internet!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH there was an outage due to Cox cable in our area from like noon until around 8:30pm last night! AHHHHHHHHHHHH my iPhone wasn’t even getting service for some reason. I do not like playing pioneer child, I NEED technology. If I can’t get to the gym or work out I need to Tweet or Facebook or post that way I keep in touch with all of you, and that keeps me on track!

But anyhow, the day ended on a fun note! The hubby and I did make it out for date night. We dined at Texas Roadhouse (the usual) I had the 6oz sirloin and a baked sweet potato with butter on the side as well as a Caesar salad minus the caesar dressing and replaced with the house viaigrette on the side. After dinner we went to see Final Destination in 3D!!! WOOOOOOOOO it was so fun!!! We were like kids trying to grab at all the stuff flying at us. Go check it out!

LOL Bad A$$ right?!! We were supposed to give the glasses back….yea right! I have ’em 😉

So now I shall leave you to get myself ready for FIT WORLD!!!! Watch out Star Trac tready I’m comin’ for YOU!

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I hope everyone has a great day, and I will be back post Fit World to fill you in on my work out, breakfast and the plan for the day!

See ya real soon!


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  • Ahh, I’m a planner too and just reading your post gave me a little anxiety for you because I stress wayyyy out when days go like that! Ugh! Anyways, glad you had a fun date night – rock it out at the gym!!:)

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