Day 17, The Early Bird Gets The Worm?


I have always wondered how that phrase can possibly be applicable if you don’t want to be up that early. I mean I would much rather have an 8AM worm than a 5:30AM worm, ya know ;).

Since I was up and couldn’t get back to sleep I checked my Facebook and Twitter via my handy dandy iPhone and then did a little bit of reading. I have been neglecting my Jen Lancaster book, Bright Lights Big A$$ lately. So I put in a few chapters in hopes that I would nod back off…..NOPE. Zachary was making noise around 7:15AM so I went into his room and we watched Play House Disney for a bit and built a pillow fort, LOL. I love when he is so amazed and things he can do no matter how big or small, and for those who know him personally you know he was clapping.

I finally decided to rouse the hubby up at 8 ish so I could hit up Fit World’s cardio section before Pilates. I put in 2 miles on the tready and then hopped on into Pilates with Lori. She killed it today with the AB work…..BURNING but so worth it because the pudge has go to go. I was happy to see some new faces in class today, and they seemed to be enjoying Lori. I will be doing cardio tomorrow and some light weights, wanna join me? I can’t stress enough how quickly you need to get in there before they get rid of the Phase II pricing! $18 a month for a million dollar facility is soooooo worth it. Plus with a chance to see local celebrities working out there and attending classes why not come?! PLUS I hear a certain HOTTIE will be doing some major re-hab there in the Fall, I dare you to get to the open tready next to him faster than me ;). Check out the pass below and tell the GGH sent ya!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

I hope to see you there!!!

So on tap today is some painting touch up to FINISH the bedroom!!! So happy about that. Then we can clean the floor, seal it and move the furniture back in……YEA!!!!!

For now I’m going to go whip a lunch for the hubby and I, left over pita pizzas from last night. MMMMMM

Have a great day and I will see you tonight!


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