Day 15, Laboring On Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! I love this picture so I’m going to use it again!!!

Yea flex those guns ladies, show ’em what your made of!!!

My morning started off really nicely, Zachary was still asleep when my alarm went off at 8AM so I snoozed until 8:15AM and then rolled out of bed to get ready for Kick N Abs at Fit World. When i went in to wake Zac up he was in such a good mood, he finally caught up on all of the sleep he was missing out on over the past few days. I settled my boys into the living room, munched away on a Myoplex Lite Bar and took off to get my butt whipped. And oh did it get whipped, wicked work out today in class, Lea was on a roll ;). I’ll be in Pilates class Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM if you wanna join me, click on the link below and check out the FREE 7 day pass! You’ll wanna join after you check it out, that I am sure of! Plus all of you Jordan Knight fans just might spot me and Mr.Hottie joggin on the tready next to each other LOL ;).

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

After my Kick N work out I was so full of energy, sweaty but full of energy. I came home and jerked all of the air conditioners out of the bedrooms, swept the floor, ran the dishwasher, and decorated the living room and the front entry room for FALL!!! I will single handedly usher in Fall if I have to. I will wear jeans everywhere and burn all of my Yankee Candle Pumpkin Spice Tarts! Oh yea! I will take pics later on and show you guys my cutesy decorations ;).

So for the rest of the day we are just going to be working on the house! Painting, sanding, and doing a little yard work-YAY! I have to get this house all situated for my big Football Bash on Sunday Sept 20!!!!

I hope everyone is doing something that makes them happy on this Labor Day Monday! I shall leave you now to munch on my snack and figure out what I’m going to whip up for lunch. I’m more snacky than hungry today…..that translates into lots of Chobani’s ;). But for now look at this little beauty…PB Banana Wheat Tortilla Wrap Up!

You Need:

-1 tbsp all natural low fat PB

-1 small banana sliced

-1 wheat tortilla, warmed in the microwave

-sprinkle of cinnamon

Spread PB on warmed tortilla, add sliced banana and sprinkle with cinnamon. Roll up and enjoy!



Have a great day!


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