Day 15, Fall Decorations & Turkey Tacos


How is everyone tonight? Bummed that your holiday weekend is over? I was so happy to hear about all of the wonderful and healthy cook out yummies everyone was enjoying. Lots of chicken, soy burgers, salads, veggie trays etc….ROCK IT OUT GGH NATION! LOL. Can I have my own “Nation”? The Red Sox have a Nation and they aren’t even doing so hot right now, GGH Nation is doing awesome so I think we deserve it! Let’s VOTE, if you want to create an Official GGH Nation email me at and simply write yes or no!!!! WOOOOOOOO

I am still sooooo full of energy tonight. I was extremely active all day long so you’d think I’d be tired. I mean I cleaned, sanded walls, painted trim, decorated my casa for Fall…..speaking of decorations who wants to see pictures?! These are just a few, I still have to run to Michael’s at some point this week for more pumpkins ;).






Whadya think so far? I still have to do up our entertainment center, hence the enormous amount of pumpkins I need to purchase!!

So after a long day of fun house work I was feeling like a quick and easy meal was needed, soooooo I made Turkey Tacos! So delish guys, and it took 20 minutes start to finish including clean up….ummm yea 20 minutes. Goodie List is below.


-2 lbs pound ground white turkey

-box blue corn taco shells

-1 avocado sliced

-1 package seasoning either taco or fajita-anything with a Mexican spin will do ūüėČ

-2% Mexican cheese


To start cook up ground turkey until well done. Add in seasoning according to package directions or to your own liking if doing from scratch. Allow seasoning and turkey to mingle in skillet getting nice and thick. Meanwhile slice up avocado and set aside. Once turkey is nice and thick from the seasoning spoon into taco shells, top with cheese and pop into pre heated 425 oven until cheese is melted.Remove from oven and plate up with avocado slices on the side! (Cooks note: my taco shell box suggests warming shells in pre heated 425 oven for 3 minutes before filling and re-warming. Follow the directions on your box they will taste better!)

My pretty serving plate.



Well friends I am off to help the hubby continue painting!! have a great Monday night, can’t wait to say Are You Ready For Some FOOOOOTTTTBBBAAAALLLL!!!

See you in the morning! I’ll be at Fit World around 9:30am/10am doing cardio I would love to see or meet you!

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