Day 12, Interval Bursts & A Moment…

Good FRIDAY!!!!!!!

As always TGIF for my working GGH fans eh?! What is on the agenda for every one’s weekend? Anything fun and exciting going on for the holiday weekend? We have some plans and I will fill you in on them as the weekend pans out!

Who hit the gym this morning? I DID!!!! I hit Fit World on a mission and my fave trainer Paula K. was ready to assist me. I really want to build my endurance to run a 5K. I had planned on running one next month but I failed in staying consistent with my training. I’m hoping that putting it out there via GGH that I’m interested in seriously becoming a runner that some of my Fit World GGH fan’s will contact me. So for training today with Paula she had me do Interval Bursts on the tready. It was really interesting and a serious work out. I was really proud of myself for going that hard!!! I’m not a runner by any means but apparently I have a good form….according to Paula and she’s a track and field coach so I wont argue ;). She said something to me, and I’m probably gonna screw it up, that she tells her track kids. I really felt like it could be a metaphor for life, well my life, especially with all I am trying to accomplish right now. As I was running and talking about endurance and speed she said: ” You can’t learn to run faster by running slow, eventually you have to speed up”. YES!!!!!! In my crazy mind that translated into ” You aren’t going to lose this last 30 pounds by keeping the same pace, get off your butt and switch it up, work hard.” Funny how her nice running quote turned into this obnoxious metaphor for my life huh? But it’s true, I need to switch it up and take some new risks. If I’m going to put it out there I have to DO IT! Love me some Fit World :). Guys you seriously need to boogie on into Fit World! The Phase II price of $18 a month is not going to last and the Grand Opening is coming up soooooo quick. Take advantage of the Free 7 Day Pass, meet the staff and tell them GGH sent ya! You won’t be sorry.

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

So after my crazy amazing work out I re-fueled with the same post work out snack as yesterday. Powerade Zero and an EAS Myoplex Lite Bar!!!! YUUUUMMMMMM


Ok so I have to share something that made my day. It validated what I’m doing and I needed this moment so badly. As I was leaving Fit World I was wiping all of the sweat off of my face and I heard this sweet little voice say “Excuse me are you the girl with the website? Are you Girl Gone Healthy?” HOLY CRAP!!! I had the Jen Lancaster moment I have waited for! Let me explain the Jen Lancaster moment so you understand….In her book Such A Pretty Fat a memoir she is on the treadmill huffin it out and two very in shape girls begin looking at her talking. She automatically assumes they are whispering about her being the “fat girl” on the tready. Eventually one of the girls approaches her and asks her if she’s Jen Lancaster, turns out they are fans of her books.

Ok so while I’m not a New York Times Best Selling author, I have wanted a moment like that. Just to be out somewhere and have someone approach me and say “Hey aren’t you Girl Gone Healthy?” I was so taken a back especially since the two young ladies who approached me are super in shape! I see them all of the time and truly wonder to myself if I will ever be able to work out like that let alone look that way. Plus they have actually tried GGH recipes! LOVE IT!!! Thank you both so much for making my day and letting me know that I inspire YOU.


So lunch today is for my two Fit World fans! Olive Oil Tuna over Fresh Spinach with Lemon.

Super quick and easy lunch friends, Goodie List is below.

Goodie List:

-1 can tuna in water, drained

-2 cups fresh baby spinach

-1 large lemon

-2 tbsps EVOO

-Oregano, Parmesan Cheese and Sea Salt to taste



Place 2 cups of spinach on large plate and spread it out. In small bowl combine EVOO, juice from 1/2 the lemon, oregano and sea salt, whisk together to combine. Add tuna into the EVOO mixture and continue mixing until tuna is coated. Using the other 1/2 of the lemon squeeze juice all over the spinach leaves and pour the tuna mixture over the top. Sprinkle everything with Parmesan cheese and enjoy!


mmmmmmm so fast, so tasty, and really perfect after a high intensity work out…..PROTEIN!!!

So now I shall leave you to munch on my salad and plan my day with the boys. I’m thinking of Patriot Place or maybe a drive to Connecticut, it’s GORGEOUS here today.

Have a wonderful Friday!!


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1 thought on “Day 12, Interval Bursts & A Moment…”

  • Yay for your moment of inspiration at the gym – that must have felt exciting! You DO inspire and encourage people, so it’s exciting to know that you got the same thing in return – karma!

    Enjoy this FABULOUS New Englad weather – no big plans here, but lots of outdoor play with the kids!;)

    My good news of the day – just weighed in at WW – down 2.4 pounds for the week! Loooooong way to go, but one week at a time!

    Have a great long weekend!:)

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