Dallas Cowboys and Pita Pie

Good Saturday to ya!

Did you guys catch the Dallas/Tennessee game last night in the new Cowboy’s stadium?!! Such an awesome stadium, I HAVE to go there for sure. Sorry I wasn’t on last night but we didn’t get home until late and I was super tired from the day. So let me re-cap our night! We of course watched the ‘Boys kick some tail!!! And I made an old favorite GGH style. Being from Texas we love Frito Pie…mmmmm and if you are saying yuck, don’t knock it till you try it and if you’re from Texas saying yuck then just leave Texas and go somewhere that doesn’t have it….you’ll miss it I promise. So anyway, Frito Pie is such a delish casserole that’s not so great for you but is made up of just a few ingredients. I will put the recipe for original Frito Pie below as well as the modified GGH version. For those of you who are super metabolized and can eat anything and not have to worry then I invite you to try the original Frito Pie, so good.

Texas Style Frito Pie (TONS of cals/carbs/fats):

-1 large bag Frito Scoops

-2 cans Hormel Chili (your choice beans or no beans)

-1 large bag of Cheddar Cheese

-1 large Onion chopped

Heat both cans of chili in large pot until warmed through out, stir in chopped onions. Place entire bag of Frito Scoops in the bottom of large casserole dish and spread them out as evenly as possible. Pour chili and onions over Frito Scoops and top with entire bag of cheddar cheese….did your your cholesterol just rise LOL? Soooooo bad for you!! Proceed to bake this deadly mixture in a pre heated 350 oven covered in foil for 20 to 25 minutes.

Here’s a random Google image of Frito Pie

NOW……for the GGH version!!!!

Tera’s Pita Pie!

-1 bag Morning Star Farms Beef Crumbles

-1 can Hunts Sugar Free Tomato Sauce (16 oz size)

-1 small can Hunt’s Tomato Paste (only using 1/2 the can)

-1 large Onion chopped

-1 Simply Organics Vegetarian Chili Seasoning Pack (any pack will do they really aren’t that bad for you)

-6 small Pita’s cut into fourths

-Olive Oil

-Sea Salt

Start by cooking the beef crumbles according to package/until heated through in large skillet. Once beef is warmed add in can of tomato sauce, 1/2 can tomato paste, onions, and chili seasoning pack. Stir all together, mixing well. Once all combined allow to simmer on medium until sauce is thickened. Turn heat to low and start on pita chips.

Pita Chips- Heat enough olive oil to “fry” the pita pieces. Once oil is warm place pita pieces in cooking for a couple of minutes on each side allowing the entire pita to become golden and crispy. Place on cooling plate and sprinkle with Sea Salt while hot and cooling.

In serving bowl add a scoop of chili, a couple of pita chips, and a sprinkle of 2% skim cheese for extra goodness! Guaranteed 1/2 the fat/cals/carbs of original Frito Pie and the hubby says it’s even BETTER!!! (And we ate a lot of Frito Pie back in the day LOL)

Here’s my pretty bowl!



Perfect football snack! Try it at your next NFL party. You can even put it out as a dip!!!!

So on to this morning. I was planning on going to Yoga but I didn’t sleep very well and I was feeling aggressive. Hence, CARDIO time. I hit up Fit World ready to let it all go. I did a high intense mile on the treadmill, meaning-treadmill was on the highest incline and my speed was at a nice quick jog. This is a total body work out friends! You are having to hold on to the treadmill due to the super incline and run at the same time. Feels so good. The sweat comes pretty quick too. After my mile I hit the Ab room and did some work with the ball. I did lower back raises, 100 crunches, and planks for stretching and strength. I then moved on to the weight section and did sets of 15 on 30 pounds for biceps, triceps, and lats. I gave myself a pretty good butt kicking but i felt pretty good. It was nos ession with Paula but I definetly got in a good work out.

If you want Fit World to “kick your butt” LOL then check them out FREE for 7 days! Hurry in though because the cheap prices will be gone soon! The Grand Opening for the new facility is October 1st! So excited! lock in the cheap price NOW!

Go to http://www.fitworldri.com/freeTrial.html and print your coupon today!!!

Also, don’t forget about my 100 Day Goal starting Monday! Ellen watch out for GGH! Starting Monday I will be giving you random facts about Ellen with each post, messaging her on Twitter, and emailing her show site! Plus I have put together the beginnings of a very nice media kit to send her! I had a vision of myself on her show, and they say if you can visualize it you can make it happen! Let’s do it!!!

Keep sending those recipes and have a great weekend! I’m off to snack on a Chobani and ponder lunch!

See you tonight!

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