Creamy, Crunchy, Weight Loss?

Creamy, Crunchy, Weight Loss?

Peanut Butter, the mere mention of it makes people salivate. How many times in your life have you grabbed the jar, cracked it open, and scooped up a heaping spoonful all just to lick it away like warm gooey ice cream? of us can probably say we’ve done this a few times! But at anywhere from 150-600 calories per TABLESPOON that’s probably not such a good idea. Let’s not forget the high amounts of fat, oils, and SUGAR this little “treat” is bringing to the table.

The real question is Can I eat/have peanut butter while trying to lose weight?”

Yes! BUT, there’s always a but, it needs to be portioned, limited, controlled, monitored which ever term doesn’t frighten you or make you feel restricted go with that! BRAND also plays a big role in the allowance of peanut butter into your weight loss regimen; see the brands recommend below as well as the one’s you should say NO WAY to! love the pre-portioned cups and quick/easy “no thought” option the Jif To Go Natural cups provide. Made with palm oil as opposed to hydrogenated oils this is a healthier option, however it still boasts 250 calories, 20 g of fat, 11g of carbs, and 4g of sugar. You’ll find 9g of protein in this brand. Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, palm oil, contains 2% or less of salt, molasses.
 Powdered Peanut Butter. It may sound like astronaut food but for those who are PB CRAZY this is your best bet! Just 2 tablespoons have 45 calories!!! Other nutritional positives: 1g of fat, 6g of carbs, 3g of sugar, and 4g of protein. Ingredients: Roasted peanuts, sugar, and salt.
Oh and it comes in CHOCOLATE! (No nutritional difference!)



STAY AWAY from: tablespoons boasts 200 calories, 12g of fat, 21g of carbs, 21g of sugar, and 2g of protein. WOW! Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Hazelnuts(13%), Fat Reduced Cocoa(7.4%), Skimmed Milk Powder(6.6%), Whey Powder , Emulsifier: Lecithins(soya), Vanillin-artificial flavoring. Super Chunk (and all of the other Super Chunk, Flavored, Marketed towards KIDS type peanut butter)
2 tablespoons has 190 calories, 16g of fat, 7g of carbs, 3g of sugar, and 7g of protein. Ingredients: roasted peanuts, sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed, soybean and grapeseed) to prevent separation, salt.



I want to know your thoughts on PB? Do you eat it, add it into your morning shakes? Maybe you use Sun Butter or another type of Nut Butter…share in the comments below!


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  • I <3 peanut butter! I was so happy to find PBFit. I use that in my shakes sometimes in the morning. I don't like it as a spread, but it is wonderful to boost the protein in my am shake. As I am writing this I am thinking it might work as a substitute in satay or in baking. Hmm?

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