Good Morning!

So as I have stated many, many, many, times the eating lifestyle we follow now is still fairly new. I have always enjoyed SWEETS, love them. Any kind really, as long as it’s sugary, or chocolatey, or covered with some sort of frosting LOL. I struggle daily to not break down and gorge on whatever is available. Every morning after the park Zachary and I stop by Dunkin Donuts to grab Ryan a coffee. I hear people ordering Boston Creme Donuts, and Chocolate sticks, and the real kicker….Vanilla Filled Donut…..Oh God how I want one of those…..and everyday I simply order Ryan’s coffee and that’s it. I’m not sure what keeps me from ordering the donut, or two, but whatever it is that is what has simply pulled me through. I think it’s the fact that if I order it and shove it in my mouth on the way home it will taste so good as I’m gobbling, but the feeling of self disappointment that comes after is so not worth it. I have worked really hard to get where I am, and while I still have a way to go until I reach my ultimate goal, I have to keep on just ordering the coffee.

The reason I’m posting this is simple, I know that somewhere someone is reading this and they are struggling with not ordering the donut. I know that somehwere someone DID order the donut this morning and they are feeling so disgusted. I’m here to tell you that TODAY can be your last day to order the donut. Find it within yourself to do it. You have to want it 100% for YOU. Find someone to walk with, take the stairs, or go to the mall and just walk around it 10 times. Do something and I promise you once you do, the feeling of accomplishment will be so much more satisfying than that donut.

Now, for those of you who CAN order the donut, feel no guilt, and your body doesn’t absorb it and turn into an automatic 20 pounds (that’s what happens to me), then GOOD for you! Just remember to order that donut in moderation! Maybe as a reward to yourself for a great work out week or something you worked really hard to accomplish.

I hope that if you’re that one who ordered the donut and you need to chat you will contact me! I would love to listen, and of course NOT share. Please feel free to comment or write me at

Have a very Happy Saturday!


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Monster Shake:

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-1 package Market Pantry Frozen Strawberries

-1 cup Fresh Spinach

-2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk…..I was thirsty 🙂


-7 miles on bike

-100 crunches using ball…..Geez does this work my stomach is killing me!

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