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It’s been a few days…’s been a busy few days!

How is everyone? I hope that you had a wonderful Wednesday and Thursday!

This week has been sooooo busy. It started on Wednesday with lots of shopping for our 1st Annual Cookie Swap/Girls Nite In! As one of the co-hosts I felt it very necessary to bake 180 cookies on Wednesday night….no they weren’t the same cookie because I’m glutton for punishment. I baked for over 2 hours and made Neiman Marcus cookies, Mint Truffle Sugar Cookies, and Peanut Butter Blossoms. They all turned out very nicely! (If you are interested in any of the recipes email me at




Me and the 2 best hair stylists in the world!!! Check them out at 413 The Salon, Chapel View Cranston, RI! Carina and Daylene!!


Table 1


Table 2


Me, my Mom in law Cyndi, and future sis in law Nicole! The Norberg ladies!!

It was really fun and there were sooooo many cookies! I wasn’t very good at taking pictures because I was to busy talking and drinking wine LOL. Huge thank you to Aunt Chris for hosting the party at her house! The chili was devine and the salad was YUMMY!! Thanks to everyone who attended for baking and making sure to try and make your cookies healthy in some way ;). (They new the health police would be watching LOL) I hope next year is just as fabulous!!!

On top of shopping, baking, wrapping, more shopping, Zachary’s weekly therapy, cleaning, laundry, more shopping I had to find to campaign for myself in regards to the Wellsphere Healthy Blogger Awards. While I didn’t win Best Overall…..very sad face :(…..I did place 3rd and I’m proud to be labeled as Best Out of 100! Go me! This was my first contest as Girl Gone Healthy and I was up against people who have been health blogging waaaaayyyyyyy longer than I have. I haven’t even been running GGH for a year yet! So I’m very humbled to have received 3rd. Thank you to all that took a minute to vote and even leave comments. I appreciate it very much.

I was happy when today rolled around because, for once, we had absolutely no plans, appointments, or commitments…..THANK GOODNESS! It was nice to stay in the pj’s for a while and be a tad lazy. Even Zachary slept in until 8:30am….wahwhoo! I made a nice hot cup o joe this morning with my Egg Nog flavored creamer and 2 Stevia In The Raw packets and thoroughly enjoyed sipping it in the family room as Zachary ran around playing with all 1 million of his toys. I also enjoyed some of my tasty treats from Bear Naked!


Bear Naked FIT is like my new fave cereal of all time! It was sooooo tasty! I think tomorrow I’m going to warm it up a bit…mmmmm. After we were finished being lazy we took a drive up to Emerald Mall to walk around and scour for any additional Christmas gifts we thought the fam might like. It was really busy at the mall today and sooooo cold outside that we just decided to come back home and continue being lazy. On the way home the hubby requested chicken sammies for dinner, so with a quick run into Whole Foods we were set for the night. We are on Blizzard watch here in good ol New England….she said sarcastically… comfort food seemed to be appropriate.

Girl Gone Healthy Chicken Cutlet Ciabatta’s:

-1 Ciabatta roll cut in half and toasted

-2 small chicken cutlets (cooked to your liking. I use EVOO, Italian seasoning and bake for 30 min at 350)

-1 slice Swiss cheese

-Sauteed onions and mushrooms for topping ( 1 carton sliced mushrooms, 1 large red onion diced. Saute in EVOO until mushrooms turn dark brown and onion is softened)

To assemble sammie: Place cutlets on one side of toasted ciabatta place slice of swiss on the other. Place in pre heated oven to melt cheese. Remove from heat once cheese is melted. Top with mushroom/onion mixture and any other sandwich yummies! I put soy dijon mayo on mine!! OUTRAGEOUS!


So now I think I will make a cup of Chai and relax with the hubster. The Celtics are playing…..YAY!

Going to bed early too! Have to get up in the AM and put in some time at Fit World and stock up for the Blizzard.

Join Fit World of Cranston for $0 down and $29 a month!!! That’s a $1 a day to change your life! Check out for more details!

Phone: (401) 464-4055

Have a wonderful night!

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