Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and reviving. I don’t just mean in regards to nature either, we should think of Spring as a time to do all of these things for ourselves both mentally and physically.

These next few months before Summer comes should be all about prepping for when the kids are out of school, the house will be full of weekend guests for BBQ’s and vacations, and for those last minute phone calls to head down to the beach or the pool. All of that can be quite frustrating even we’re just thinking of it. But if we allow ourselves to cleanse then the “daunting” tasks listed aren’t really so bad.

So how does one cleanse? Well first you should start with your home/living space. A clean and orderly living area makes for a peaceful retreat and in turn almost makes one want those Summer guests.

Start with the one place most women, unless your Carrie Bradshaw, despise…..

The closet. Once you clean out your closet of all of those tagged but never worn outfits, the to small, the to big, the “I should’ve gotten rid of this in 1995” items are gone you’ll feel so accomplished the rest of the house will seem like a breeze! If you need a little extra help in the closet area I highly suggest using a Stylist or Organizational assistant! My personal clothing saviour is Jill Marinelli.

Jill’s closet clean up includes the following:

Closet Cleanup

“True elegance consists of not having a closet bursting with clothes,
but rather in having a few well-chosen items in which one feels totally at ease.”
-Coco Chanel

Most people wear 20 percent of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time.  And whether you’ve gone through some major life changes or you haven’t cleaned out your closet in years, almost everyone can use a closet overhaul! The goal of the closet cleanup is to get rid of the things that do not fit or flatter you, and make room for an ‘active’ closet – one full of clothes that you will wear all the time.

During the closet cleanup, we go through everything in your closet and when necessary, you will try things on so that together we can determine what should be kept, altered, or given away. I can create outfits out of clothing you already have and later provide you with a shopping list of key pieces your wardrobe might be missing.

The closet cleanup is a great thing to do before going shopping because you get a true inventory of what you have and what you need.

(Approx. 3 hours depending on the closet)

To contact Jill: 

Work is focused on the Providence and Boston areas, with occasional trips to NYC.

Providence: 401-954-5139
Boston: 617-213-0461


I highly recommend indulging in a service like this, and if you can’t afford something like this or don’t feel comfortable find a friend you can trust and make a day of it! Grab some wine put on some music and clean that closet!

Once your closet and living space are in an organized state you’ll need to un-wind and relax. It’s time to focus on the most important part of the equation-YOU!

Want to get glowing skin, drop a few pounds, and feel like you’ve just been on a 10 day vacation? I know I do, and I’m going to do it by joining Hannah Marcotti’s Power Cleanse! This cleanse is designed for busy women with busy lives…… ding ding ding!!!

I encourage all of you to join me on this 10 day raw cleanse and get Summer ready! Take a look at the rave reviews Hannah’s past cleanses have received:

The cleanse brought me to a place of being very in tune with my body. I am better equipped than ever before to make good food choices for myself. I lost weight, lost bloat and felt light and happy!  I’m definitely looking forward to the next cleanse! -Elisabeth, East Greenwich, RI

My cleanse experience was so positive – after the 10 days were up I didn’t want to stop.  After the initial adjustment I felt in balance, energetic and healthy – I was also never hungry which made this a sustainable sustainable for me.  I also lost 6 lbs within the first 10 days which felt SO great!  I am thankful for Hannah’s guidance during the cleanse – her plan, her encouragement, and her recipes made this a life changing experience.  I continued on with the plan for 30 days and plan to do it again in the New Year.  Thanks, Hannah! Nicole Hough, Ridgewood, NJ

I can not wait to get started! If you’d like to join me please visit: and sign as spaces are filling up quickly! I will be blogging about the cleanse as I’m doing it so I will be an accountability partner for each of you. I look forward to chatting with all of you about great you’re feeling and LOOKING!

To contact Hannah for more information or with questions visit: and check out her Blog!

Our closets are clean, are homes are organized, and our bodies will be Summer ready in a few short weeks….with all of that “work” I need a rejuvenating snack!

How about someAMAZING GRASS?! AG was definitely a key factor in my losing 105 pounds! It gave me natural energy, sustained my sugar cravings, and even boosted my iron levels!

NOTE****( I have really low iron levels which in turn make me weak and with the help of AG I no longer have that problem!)****

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I hope this post inspires you to look at Spring in a new perspective, set some real and attainable goals, and also serve as a reminder that if YOU don’t take care of YOU then who will.

Happy Cleaning and Renewing, T

3 thoughts on “Cleanse”

  • Hi Tera! I couldn’t agree more that Spring is the perfect time of year to do a ‘cleanse’ inside and out. Well, it’s smart do one like 4 times a year but that’s not the point!
    I’m going to look into the power cleanse, how is it going? I’m bummed I’m 2 minutes 2 late for the giveaway! Thanks for the great info 🙂

  • i have successfully lost 50 lbs and would love to win the amazing grass prize to keep up my weight loss. i’m getting to a point where i need a new BOOST and i think this would be amazing! thanks for the opportunity and the always-interesting info!

  • I have definitely been on a spring cleaning kick around my house! I haven’t gone through the closets yet, but I’ll get there! Usually I’m all, “Spring cleaning, meh, I’ll just set the over to auto-clean and all will be well.” Not this year! The whole house is getting scrubbed!

    Interested in hearing how your Health Cleanse goes!

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