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Happy April 1st! If you live in the North East like me you are hoping and praying that this nice weather we’ve been experiencing is here to stay….. and you’re also noticing that maybe you’ve kept some of that Winter “bulge” on a little longer due to our extend Winter.

The hubby and I adore comfort food and dessert oh and booze and we have indulged in our fair share this Winter for sure and it’s left us feeling sluggish and well lack luster if you will. So as I sat nibbling Carrot Cake, oh it was the BEST one I have ever made by the way, I started thinking 1) I should put this fork down and 2)Β It’s time to Kick Start Spring and what better way to do that than a nice Clean Eating plan! I posted this picture on GGH’s Facebook the other day and it has really stuck with me……


That’s when I came up with Clean 12! 12 weeks from today is June 24th, that means that you would have all of July and August to show off a HOT new you! Think of what you could accomplish in 12 weeks….. finally meet your goal weight, lose 30 pounds, run your first race, buy a whole new wardrobe, look amazing in a bathing suit, wear shorts, gain confidence, feel better…..the list is endless! Regardless of what your goal is for the end of this 12 week kick start it IS attainable and WE WILL do it! But how?

Here is what the hubby and I will be doing, you may use this as a guideline and do what works for you, follow us, or start your own plan using our time frame…..what works for one doesn’t always work for another- remember that.

We will be focusing on:

No white flour/bread (Joseph’s pita oat flax are fine)

High protein meats (chicken, steak, fish, turkey)

All fruits and veggies are welcomed (except corn and white potatoes…. just not needed)

No dairy other than Chobani, eggs, and egg whites…. sorry I can’t give up my Cho and I use almond milk in my coffee and smoothies

No processed foods/sugars…. this one is for the hubby as he LOVES him some ice cream with a ton of mix-ins

No pasta (not hard for us as it’s a rare occasion for me to make it)

No alcohol (this means no glass of wine every night and not a handful of beers on the weekend. The occasional cocktail/beer is fine as we are active-adults-and human oh and I have a 5 year old so that automatically allows me a “free drink” card πŸ˜‰ )

I know I will be tweaking along the way but this is our general focus/goal. We will also be working out for 30-60 minutes 3 to 5 days a week including Cardio and serious weight lifting AND my awesome Squat A Thon Challenge will be happening EVERYDAY!

So I encourage you to join us and get started this week! Comment below if you’re in and don’t forget to Follow along with all things #GGHClean12 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Feel free to post this picture and let your friends and family know “you’re getting clean”!


Healthy Wishes, T


13 thoughts on “Clean 12”

  • I need to find GF bread that I like…. I LOVE the Jospeh’s pitas and they have been working for me as a mini pizza crust, salad topper when toasted etc… I hear ya on the wine and cheese etc… those are my downfalls too. I LOVE baking and I’m good at it so that sucks LOL. But we can do anything for 12 weeks!!

  • Do you use GF bread products in the house? Sometimes I just want a sandwich or toast and I use the GF bread but I don’t know what that does for blood sugar. I don’t really have trouble giving up pasta. I struggle with cheese, wine and sugar. I can drop the sugar when it’s not around, but Easter has left a table covered in some of my favorite things…deadly.

  • I have cottage cheese and berries every morning. But I am going to try very hard to substitute the Chobani!

  • This is great!! I am going to try to get my Hubby on board… We’ll see πŸ™‚

  • Dairy is my downfall! Esp since my daughter drinks whole milk and now I’ve been using it in my grapenuts oh… everyday! omg it’s so good. Good luck with the Clean 12 & thanks for motivating the rest of us to clean it up!

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