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So as most of you know I have been teaching 5 days a week at the local YMCA here in Cranston. I am absolutely LOVING it, but it was such a work out adjustment and well life adjustment. I went from taking classes and hitting the gym for cardio 5 days a week burning anywhere from 300 to 550 cals each time to leading the work outs burning a minimumof 575 calories in each class. I’m doing a minimum of 450 crunches each week, and lifting weights like crazy! My stamina is way up, I can run like Forrest Gump and I feel AWESOME……..but I’m a weight loss plateau. I feel like I should have dropped 30 pounds in the past month with all I’m doing. But this past week I sat back and realized that while I had made a huge change in my physical activity, mentally I wasn’t there.

I didn’t change my eating at all, I didn’t change my sleeping habits at all, I didn’t up my water in take, and I still ran around like a nut job doing all of Zac’s schooling and therapies. It took me crashing to realize that I was at yet another bump in my healthy journey.

It was time for a CHANGE!!!

I was perfectly happy with where I was but if I wanted to continue down the path to achieving my ULTIMATE goal then I needed to take my own advice and STEP IT UP! All of last week, beginning on Monday 11/8, I approached everything differently. I ate a little more, I drank more water, I made a To Do List EVERYDAY so I wouldn’t get all frazzled when I noticed I forgot something, I made a conscious effort to at least be IN the bed by 10:30, and I actually took time to sit and rest through out the day when I felt like I needed too. While it was very difficult in the beginning by mid-week I was really feeling great! And when I weighed in this morning and saw a 4 pound loss after 2 weeks of staying the same I was pretty happy!

It was probably the best experiment I could have done for myself. I went from having to work out only in the mornings, because thats what I liked, to having to work out all over the place time wise. From eating certain portion sizes to larger one’s because I was burning more calories which meant I needed to take in just a little more to burn the fat. And lastly it allowed me to step back, just a little, from my OCD ways and BREATHE.

I asked a question on Twitter: “What’s your fave time of day to work out and why?” And received great answers, and each answer I could tell was set very firm, meaning there was a rhyme and reason for it, and while I have not one thing against that-I urge you for just ONE week to change it up a little!!! Maybe you AM work out buffs could work out after work twice this week, and vice versa for the PM people. Sometimes a change of pace is all we need to re-charge. Just try it….

Now I just wanted to share a special link with all of you!!! It’s the commercial that Zac and I filmed for his school The Groden Center!!!

Tera and Zac Groden Center

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Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

Healthy Wishes, T

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