CHALLENGE | Awesome Arm August

CHALLENGE | Awesome Arm August

Summer is going to be coming to an end, I’m sorry beach bums, and Back To School is upon us and I don’t know about you but I feel the need for a little Challenge!

I don’t care how much weight I lose I still have that stubborn arm flap, chicken wing, bat wing, I’m over the age of 25 under flab thing….know what I’m referring to? No? Are you under the age of 25? Anyway, this area:

Awesome Arms AugustYou’re welcome for the visual ;-). Anyway I spend a lot of time running which works out my thighs, calves, even my tush, but I’ve been neglecting my guns. I discovered this awesome circuit by Tracy Anderson and I loved it for a few reasons:

-It’s quick!

-You don’t necessarily have to use weights, but if you’re not just know that I’m giving you “the look”.

-I felt it the next day!

-I could easily do it right after a run or do it on a “Rest Day” with a set or two of squats

I could go on but I think you get the idea. So are you ready?!!!

Here we go!!

Awesome Arm August

Awesome Arm August

If you’re going to replace the water bottles with weights, *cough* YOU SHOULD *cough*, use a minimum of 5 pounders….it’s time to step it up ladies!! I would love to see you guys rockin’ at least 8 pounders.

I’m stoked about this Challenge, and it officially begins on Friday 8/1/14 and goes thru Sunday 8/31/14. You should be doing this 3 days per week, you can do it I promise!

Save the picture to your desktop, pin it, share it, print it, post it, and get ready to FLEX IT!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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