Celebratory Dinner!

Good Evening Friends!

What another AMAZING day! I am officially a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher and an Amazing Grass Affiliate! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! 🙂

The hubby and I threw a quick date night together, with the help of our “baby sitter” my mom in law!!! We really wanted to try Eleven Forty Nine, especially since I browsed the menu and knew exactly what I would order, but they are CLOSED! Of course they’re closed this week when I actually get to go LOL. So we ended up at Bertucci’s in Warwick!

Friends, this place is Uh -MA-ZING!!!! I had never been there before, I love it. It is defentiley a new fave, and I’m sure you will be seeing the Bertucci’s name often.

Anyway, it’s decorated really cute, open piping on the ceiling and  Old World type furnishings….love it.

Since this was a celebratory meal, and um hello it’s a brick oven pizza place, we indulged. (Don’t worry I got in a good mile and half this afternoon in between rain storms!!!)

I started with a Berries and Cream Martini…..UM YUM-O in my tum-o!!! It was a blend of Chambord, Absolut Vodka, Limoncello Cream and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. Um Yea, try not lick the screen! (All pics were taken on my iPhone sorry)

martini (2) The hubby enjoyed a Bud Light Draft, as they didn’t have MGD 64!! We then munched on the House Tomato Bruschetta, which was OK but don’t worry dinner made up for it, and Insaladas!!!

bruschetta (2)salad (2)Then it was Brick Oven Pizza TIME!!!!! I had ONE slice and that was more than enough!!!! We had the Lestina which was
an explosion of Mediterranean flavors – prime white mushrooms, Romano cheese, fresh rosemary and sage, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. SO DELISH! This was probably the most fragrant pizza ever! The sage and mozzarella were mind blowing!!!!

pizzaslice (2)ryanpizza (2)terapizza (2)

AMAZING place and an AMAZING meal!!! Everything was perfect and the company couldn’t have been better! My hubby has been my biggest FAN through this whole start up!!!! I love ya Ry!

So now we sit, full, and I’m as happy as a pig in a blanket!!! So many great things are happening, and I just don’t know what to do with myself! I shall see you all in the AM, I now have to convince my biggest fan to watch a movie he has no desire seeing!!!

Sweet Dreams!!!

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  • Tera, Looks like Ryan is really getting into this too. It’s so much fun to read your blog, you will have to fill me in on everything when I come up next week. Congrats on everything that happened this week. 🙂

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