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Day 60-Date Night, Spin, Chili Mac

Hello Hello! How are all of my lovelies doing this balmy Thursday evening? I hope you’re all doing superb. First I would like to Thank everyone who has sent in an inspiring email for a […]

Day 42-Stripper Baby

Well hello there! Sorry I was MIA all day but with the hubby back at work full time I have been spending tons of time with Zachary, He is missing his daddy like somethin’ fierce. 🙁 Today […]

Day 39- Starting A New Life

Good Morning! First I wanna toot my own horn and say that you guys set a GGH record last night! We had over 1,200 hits to the site over night!!! That’s not a typo, YES […]

Day 36-Still Here LOL

Well hello there! OK so we were going to go out of town for the night but we realized that we wouldn’t leave until 4 ish, we would get caught in rush hour traffic, not […]

Day 36-Vacation

Hi Friends! I just wanted to pop in and say hello! The hubby’s vacation is coming to a close so we are gathering up some clothes and heading some where spontaneous!!! I’m not sure if […]

Day 30-Choices

Happy Tuesday Friends! I want to start by apologizing for my rant last night. I even gone as far as deleting the negative part of it! If anyone out there understands where I’m coming from please […]

I’m Back!

Hey there long time no chat huh?! We had such a great time yesterday. The Patriots LOST, I was silently cheering hehehehe, but it’s OK because everyone was eating, drinking and just having fun. I […]

Day 24, No Sleep!

Good Morning or is it afternoon now?! My little guy kept me up from 2am until 5:30am this morning. He just wasn’t tired! He was running a low grade temp so I thought if I […]

Day 23, Twice Baked Eggplant

Hello! OMGosh let’s talk LOSER!!!! Holy cow what a season we are in store for. I’m so excited and motivated. I love seeing them work so hard, it makes me get off the couch and […]

Day 19, Where The Heck Did 18 Go?

Ohhhhhhhh Morning! Ok so yesterday did NOT go as planned, at all. For those of you who know me personally or have been reading GGH for a bit now know that I am a planner […]

Day 9, Hash It Out…

Evening! How was your Tuesday?! I hope it was full of accomplishments and healthy snacks :). My day was good, lot’s of tasks done! I had to research information for 2 new articles, answer tons […]

Day 8, Why Hasn’t Ellen Called Me?

Hello Friends! I hope that you all had a pleasant Monday. The end of my Monday was HAPPY because the roofers are DONE!!!! YAY!!! Now we can move on to the next projects. Those guys […]

Family Dinner

Good Evening! I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! Anyone do anything fun? We did some projects around the house this afternoon, fun right?! We decided to paint the cabinets in the bathroom since we […]

Day 6, GGH International?

Mornin’ or I should say Afternoon! How is everyone’s Saturday going? Ours is crazy rainy, thank you Tropical Depression Danny. It’s so dark out it feels like 7 o’clock or something. Anyway, let’s catch up! […]

Day 5….

Good Morning! I hope you are all super happy it’s FRIDAY!!! What are your plans for the weekend? Not sure what we will be doing, the hubby is working out of town on Saturday afternoon/night […]

Truly An Emotional Eater….

Ok so Day 3 was not so great….. Today was Day 3 of my 100 Day Challenge and also my Father In Law’s Funeral. I didn’t eat or drink anything until after 1pm today…BAD!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!! […]

So many people…

Good Evening! I hope all of you had a wonderful day today. The weather was nice here! Did any of you get out and enjoy it? Today was my Father In Law’s wake, so sad. […]

He Lost The Battle, But He Taught Us How To Win The War

Good Afternoon. As some of you already know we lost my Father In Law yesterday afternoon. He literally held on for as long as he could and he fought a great battle. Some look at […]

Dallas Cowboys and Pita Pie

Good Saturday to ya! Did you guys catch the Dallas/Tennessee game last night in the new Cowboy’s stadium?!! Such an awesome stadium, I HAVE to go there for sure. Sorry I wasn’t on last night […]

100 Day Goal….

Good Morning and Happy FRIDAY! I know you workin’ GGH’ers are TGIF for sure! If your week was anything like ours you’re probably just thankful that it’s another day….at least that’s my perspective. I had […]

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