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The Situation…

Allright I know I’m a few days late, but I’d like to take a moment to discuss televisions newest guilty pleasure, MTV’s Jersey Shore. This show is The Real World with a lot of hair […]

Give It Away Now….

Click on the link below for a little Give It Away action! Red Hot Chili Peppers That was fun right?!   There are so many fun and exciting events going on in the world of Girl […]

Bars and Toys

Tonight’s post is all about LARABAR and Toys For Tots! I’m in a Holiday/Giveaway type mood and boy do I have a prize for YOU! What Makes You Merry?! To win this contest you simply […]

This Is Why You’re Fat…

I have heard so many things about the website  So many people re-tweet the crazy pictures, even some of the RD’s (Registered Dietitians) I Tweet with have been known to post some of their […]


Happy Tuesday! As you know my morning began with ZUMBA! I am thoroughly OBSESSED with this class! I want to be a Zumba instructor sooooo bad! I love dancing so much! Plus, Angela was in […]

Short, Sweet, and Merry!

No tonight’s post title isn’t describing me…..LOL J/K! I’m making tonight’s post all about the exciting things GGH has going on! First, I started reading a FAB-U new book! I totally believe that keeping your […]

What Next…

If you’re exhausted and you know it raise your hand….. Let me catch you all up to speed. If you Follow me on Twitter then you already know, I apologize for the repeat. Yesterday started […]

The Day After……

Black Friday…… Oh day, after Thanksgiving… at 3AM, tons of left overs, running on caffeine and drive thru food, more left overs, football, more left overs, and then you realize that it’s now 4pm you’ve been […]


America celebrates Thanksgiving in remembrance of the Pilgrims and settling the New World……ummm yea that’s EXACTLY what I’ll be thinking about tomorrow ;). This post is dedicated to Thanksgiving eating tips, tasty recipes, and how […]

Prepping For The Prep Work…

Hello! So we aren’t having Thanksgiving at our house this year……..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No I’m really excited, but it seems that the looming “so much to do” feeling is lurking. While I should just relax and be […]


Happy Monday! Tonight I would like to touch on a few things that when it comes to our health many of us overlook. When you hear the words healthy some of the following images may […]

Can’t Talk, I Have A Date With Jacob!

Ok it’s officially here! It’s New Moon Friday!!!! Yes the day me and 1,000’s of 13 year old girls have been waiting for! My hubby is so dreading this and I can barely contain my […]

Healthy Radio Spot, Good Belly….

Hello! What an amazing day! Huge THANK YOU to Lisa Davis of It’s Your Health Radio! I had a blast during our interview this morning. And I apologize for getting giddy when you asked me […]

Me, The Radio, & Heidi Klum

Evening! So what do me, the radio, and Heidi Klum all have in common? Not much other than that we both enjoy working out, and her Personal Trainer David Kirsch will be on the same […]

PROBAR Winner!

Hey it’s Tuesday! I personally adore Tuesday…..because it’s ZUM-Day!!! I LOVE Zumba! It’s as close to dance class as I can get. It feels so good to re-connect with that part of my past. Dance was […]

T-Shirts, Taco Soup, Apple Muffins-YEA!

Good Monday Evening! Ok to start with I have to tell you that my wonderful, amazing, incredible, handsome husband just purchased advanced tickets for New Moon this Friday night!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  OMGosh I am so ecstatic! He […]

All Business!

Happy Saturday! Today was the kind of day I L-O-V-E! Up by 7:45AM, good cup of Chai, and we put the dining room back in place….YEE-HAW! I so can not stand clutter and dis-organization…..bleh….. After […]

Finally Friday

Friday Night! My Friday night’s now compared to, oh say 2 years ago are much different ;). I used to look forward to 5pm on Friday because I was out of work and it was time […]

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday! (We are going to make every Thursday Thankful Thursday!) Doing the PROBAR Thankful contest has allowed me to reflect on what I am truly Thankful for every day. We have had a […]

Wednesday, You Were Pretty Cool

Hump Day! Today was such a great day! Zachary and I were up at 7:15AM and getting things done! Our kitchen is put back together for the most part so I wasted no time in […]

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