Good Morning!

What a morning oh my what a morning. Zachary was up and ready to go go go at 7am. I however was not ready to go go go. I had the worst night’s sleep last night. I just couldn’t get comfy and my back is on FIRE! I think we need a new mattress, bed, feather bed thingy…..I need new everything LOL.

So after Zachary wrestled with us in our uncomfortable bed I finally rolled out and started to get things going. Laundry….does it ever end? Dishwasher which was full of the new cups I purchased on sale yesterday. Make the beds, breakfast, gas in my car, bank run, coffee for Ryan….I’m tired just thinking about all of it! So now that it’s all done I sit happily scrolling through recipes you all have been sending for our cook book fundraiser benefiting GBM Brain Cancer Research! Keep them coming please, we have some great ideas so far! From 2pt Weight Watcher’s Margarita’s to Turkey Lime Meatballs!!! YUM-O! Send in whatever you’d like!

For breakfast this morning I enjoyed a Blueberry flavored Oikos yogurt and a nice cup of Lemon Revive tea! YUMMY!

This tea is insane and I love the way it smells!


I probably should’ve had that AFTER all of my running around 😉

No training this morning! I’m going to spend some time on the bike tonight before bed reading my book! I ride so far when I read it’s great. If i haven’t said enough please go pick up Jen Lancaster’s book Such A Pretty Fat! You will love it!

Now I’m off to wake my little guy from his nap so we can get ready for the Zoo….I know he is not a fan….and the carousel! Ryan missed out on Zoo day this weekend so we decided to do it again, plus watching Zachary see the seals is just fun!

I hope everyone is having a great day, getting lot’s of tasks accomplished, and that you packed a good lunch to bring to work today!

I shall see you tonight with a daily re-cap! Please keep sending in those recipes, tell everyone you know! We need to raise a lot of money and I can’t do it alone!

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