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Good Morning!

It seems that I am not the only one CRAVING some serious summer activity here in New England. The sun is out, for now, and our neighborhood is alive!!! People are mowing, gardening, running, kids are out on their bikes no more is it a ghost town. However, I fear with the clouds moving this way and The Weather Channel again forecasting impending doom and gloom the liveliness will soon disappear once again rendering the neighborhood motionless.

Well we certainly took advantage of the sun this morning! Zachary and I hit up the park first thing and I was so pumped to have it be hot (well almost) that I decided to do a new route. We didn’t just stick to the track today. We ventured out into the neighborhood surrounding the park for a really nice change up. The neighborhood is on a HUGE hill so it was really good muscle mover. Pushing Zachary up the to get back to the track my quads were on fire!!! It was AWESOME. We did do 3 additional laps around the track for a total of 1.50 miles. YAY! I was sweating worse than a pig without mud :). After the park I came home to the hubby getting in some yard work before he heads into work this afternoon. I made Zac a snack and watered our wildflowers as my stomach gurgled away in hunger. I made the same breakfast as yesterday, Chocolate Covered Strawberry Monster….mmmmmm

I used:

-1 1/2 cups Light Soy Milk

-1 packet frozen Strawberries

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

– 1 1/2 cups Fresh Baby Spinach

Blend together, pour, and devour…..TASTE-A-LICIOUS

After my amazing shake I was still in the mood to work out so I hopped on the Weslo Bike and put 6 miles on it!!! Awesome training day today!! I am super motivated to make it a marathon training weekend!! So lots of working out through out each day, lean meats, and tons of Monster Shakes!!! YAY!

So now I am off to get Mr. Zac down for a nap and put some chemicals into the hot tub for the weekend. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend, and remember just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you have to eat bad. If you have begun your journey, stick to it!!! Choose your foods carefully and portion them out!! If you drink, choose light beers like MGD 64 and for cocktails do a Diet Coke and Bacardi Rum!!! Stay safe and enjoy yourselves!!

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  • I am your beloved husband’s instructor at NET. He just showed me your page. It’s great!!! Interesting, educational, and it all looks good.
    (your son is a doll)

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