Breakfast Never Tasted So Good!

Good Morning!

I was so happy to make a Blue Banana Shake this morning. I already feel awesome and ready for the day.

Goodies for Blue Banana:

-1 1/2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-1 frozen ripe Banana

-1 package frozen Blueberries

-1 huge handful of Fresh Baby Spinach

Combine in blender, blend until smooth, pour and ENJOY!

So yummy!

I am taking the morning off from the gym so that the hubby can go! He is Fit World’s newest member and he is recruiting lifting buddies so if you’re interested let me know! Check out www.fitworldri.comand browse the new construction pics and the blue prints for the new facility. Cranston and Southern New England has never seen a gym like this! And with the unbeatable customer service that is provided why would you not join. The prices are INSANE right now, $15 a month for 2 years…..WOW. Cardio theater, free personal training sessions when you sign up….and LADIES…..SPIN CLASS! Here is a link to the DEMO and CONSTRUCTION being done to the new place….they are ripping it to shreds to provide a brand new CLEAN facility!

So the weather today in Rhode Island is GORGEOUS and I’m not sure what the boys and I will be venturing out to do. I just want to enjoy the sun!

I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Friday! I’m off to finish laundry, dishes, and clean up after I put Zachary down for a nap! Have a great afternoon!!!!!

Please continue to send any and all types of recipes for the cook book, with my Father In Law’s recent decline we need to meet the deadline ASAP. It would mean the world to me for him to be able to see and read it, so keep them coming and spread the word. Mail your recipes to:

Also check out GO NOW!!!!

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