Bored [ bawrd ]

tired and impatient: tired of and slightly annoyed by a person or situation that is not interesting, exciting, or entertaining

Sound familiar?


I’ve noticed several new faces in my classes at the Y and I always make it a point to try and chat with them. I always ask what made them gravitate towards the class, what their goals are etc…and the most popular response to the first question is: “I’m bored with my workout and wanted to try something new!” I love when people choose my class as their “new”, but it also keeps me on watch that I keep them interested. But what happens when I get bored? It’s awful to not feel motivated to work out or eat healthy, but those are our two key components in this Challenge. That’s why 4 Weeks of Fabulous is all about the inside and the outside! By creating a network of support and choosing an accountability partner my hope is that boredom stays away!!

I’ve recently been chatting and Following (on Twitter) Ms. Erin B AKA @FitMamaTraining and just the other day she was Tweeting about this very topic!! I thought it only appropriate to have her guest post for us!! So please Welcome Erin and check out her Blog: Enjoy and Thanks Erin!

If you are just starting an exercise program or have been faithfully hitting the gym several times a week for years now, it is easy to lose motivation if you get bored with your routine.  I like to say I have exercise induced ADD.  Long runs are hard for me unless I have a great play list or something to work out in my head.  Otherwise most of my training is HIIT (High intensity interval training), fast paced circuits and as much variety as I can get in. 

But even as a personal trainer with a huge artillery of resources , exercises and split routines, this time of year it is easy for me to get bored.  The winter brings with it less time outside and sometimes messes with my mood.  This year I have decided to tackle the winter blues with a list of goals toward improved mental well being.  A part of that plan is to mix up my workouts, plan them ahead and try new things. 

Even if you are comfortable with your routine it will stop being effective in changing your body if you don’t change it up and constantly challenge your body in new ways.  I was asking about others routines on twitter the other day and you girl gone healthy over here suggested this be my post.  And that’s where you come in!

I thought I would share my favorite routine here and ask you all to share yours.  If we all share the routines that keep us motivated then we will all benefit from each other’s ideas!  So here is my favorite of the moment.

*This is a higher intensity routine; not recommended for those brand new to exercise, always check with your doctor before trying this or any fitness routine.*

For this HIIT routine you will do each exercise for 45 seconds (as fast as feels comfortable and allows you to maintain good form), resting for 15 seconds after.  Repeat 3 times and then rest one minute before continuing to the next exercise.  So each cycle last 4 minutes, 1 of them being complete rest.  Use less weight than you normally would for a 10-15 rep kind of circuit as they will be worked longer.

Warm up- walking elliptical, whatever your preference

Round 1)              Treadmill sprints (RPE 6-8)

Round 2)              Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Round 3)              Dumbbell Front Squats

Round  4)             Treadmill sprints

Round  5)             Dumbbell Chest Press

Round  6)             Walking Lunges

Round 7)              Squat Thrusts

Round 8)              Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Round 9)              Dumbbell Tricep Kick-Backs

Round 10)           Treadmill sprints

Cool down- walking or elliptical or whatever you like until your heart rate returns to normal

Don’t forget to give your muscles a good stretch because that my friends is a tough workout!!

*TAG*  You’re it!  What’s your favorite workout?  If you don’t have one what helps keep you motivated through your exercise?  Tweet @girlgonehealthy & @fitmamatraining Tell Us About It!

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