Boca Burger…..

Hello Friends!

I trust that everyone had a great weekend! Mine went by really fast and I think that’s due to the lack of sleep. I could NOT sleep all weekend long… reason, just couldn’t stay asleep. So it was a great weekend, but I’m super tired :).

The weather here is nice, sunny low 80’s so I’m sure Zachary and I will be out and about enjoying it. I decided to make today my off day for cardio, major house cleaning took it’s place, and just did some light weights and crunches on the ball.

I was super hungry after cleaning and crunches and decided to skip a shake and go straight to lunch. I decided on a Boca Burger patty and roasted sweet potatoes on the side.

Boca Burger we need to chat! I know you’re low carb and lower in calories that my Spicy Black Bean patty from Morning Star Farms, but do you have to turn out DISGUSTING every other time I cook you? I follow the directions, so you should be perfect, not today! You were a little soggy and for some reason you didn’t want to warm all the way through, even after 3 trips to the microwave! So Boca Burger I will give you one more chance, you better step it up!

Anyway, that’s the morning. I’m so happy to have received so many great comments on the Cravings post. Keep your heads up, and don’t give in!!!! Thank you to all of you who just wrote in to show your support for me too! Love you all.

Have a Super Sunday!!! Be back tonight, until then I leave you with what I wish I had for lunch 🙂

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