BIG Announcement: Better Bodies RI

I am so pleased, honored, excited, shocked to announce that I am the Featured Blogger for Better Bodies RI in Cranston, Rhode Island! Over the course of the next month I will be giving you the “inside scoop” on Cranston’s new and up and coming gym. Better Bodies is honestly like no other gym I have ever set foot into, it’s my dream gym!

252212_382436835181314_1630003216_nBetter Bodies is a new gym located in Cranston, RI that has been developed around the concept of Functional Fitness. “Functional Fitness” and “Functional Exercise” may be the latest buzzwords in the gym these days, but it’s with good reason.  More than just a passing fad, this new approach changes the way the industry views physical fitness and training.  Different from conventional methods, functional fitness is based on training the body to handle the physical demands required by our jobs and our lives—so that one builds a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life situations.

While members of a traditionally oriented gym may be toned and ready for the beach— they might not be able to lift their toddler out of his car seat of hoist the spring-water bottle onto its dispenser without risking injury. That’s because a body’s muscles need to learn to work together in integration, not in isolation. Unlike traditional gyms, Better Bodies, Functional Fitness (BBFF) uses a combination of training styles and equipment to train members to use their own body weight to strengthen and build cardio capacity while reaching their goals. 72546_405511862873811_176304855_n

Training is delivered in 3-settings: one-on-one, group training and classes. Cathy Epstein, who has earned a very strong reputation in the industry and has a very loyal following, leads BBFF.


I have the pleasure of GIVING AWAY 3 FREE 21 Day Challenge Memberships to 3 very lucky local readers!! This 21 Day Challenge is designed to jump start you on your way to reaching your goals in a HEALTHY and FUNCTIONAL way.

{Click on the link above for details.}

But how do you win?! SIMPLE!

In the comment section below:

-Tell me why YOU need a 21 Day Challenge jump start.

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-Promote this Post on Facebook tagging both GirlGoneHealthy and Better Bodies

Winners will be chosen by Wednesday 4/10/13 and notified on how to begin their Challenge ASAP! Good Luck!!

Healthy Wishes, Tera



11 thoughts on “BIG Announcement: Better Bodies RI”

  • i need a jump start….need to be a healthy mom and a good example for my not so healthy pre teen.

  • I need a jumpstart because even a year after having my daughter my body is still “stuck” it seems that no matter what I do, how I eat, how much I work out, I just can’t lose ANY weight!! I need HELP!

  • I need this jump start because I am a single mom of 2 and can’t afford to go to a gym or any classes. I do my best to do what I can in my own home and around the neighbor hood. I just started taking classes to become a Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist. I go to school 5 days a week for 6 hours a day. It doesn’t leave me much time for myself. I fought to get out out of a domestic violent relationship to get where I am now. Now, I am fighting towards a healthy, happy me!

  • Hi Tere,

    I need a 21 Day Jumpstart Challenge to get myself back on the wagon! I fell so far off I can’t even see the dust cloud any more. Plus, I’ve promised my 9 yo daughter that I will run a 5K mud run with her in June and I’m terrified to let her down. This challenge will get me back on my feet and well on my way to a huge accomplishment.

    Thank you!!

  • I need this jump start so bad!!! I am a mom of 3, just had my 3rd 10 months ago at 39 years old. I had the roughest pregnancy and ended up on bedrest most of it. I had to have surgery 9 weeks after having her and my body has never been so out of shape. I’m turning 40 in less than 3 weeks and I need to kick start my body back into shape!!!

  • Why do I need a jump start? Because despite my own personal efforts to kick off some real change for my body, juggling a ton of personal stuff this year has made that near impossible. I love the concept of BBRI (BBFF?). Would love some professional guidance to kick this body into shape!

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