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Happy Monday! And it’s now OFFICIALLY Fall!!! So my hubby can stop making fun of all of my decorations ;)!

I’m super excited to share my newest venture with all of you! As most of you know I auditioned for Food Network and didn’t receive a call back, and as sad as that made me one of my very dear GGH readers encouraged me to create my own cooking show via YouTube!!! So……I did!!!! I present to you: Please stop by check it out subscribe, tell your friends, family, the world….LOL! I’m really excited about it and while I just created the page last night and only have 1 meal uploaded so far I would appreciate the support!

I won’t just be cooking though! I will also be doing weekly question/answer sessions and possibly some fun work out stuff! The hubby and I are teaming up for this project and I’m super excited! Please send in ANY questions you may have by tonight and I will try to answer them and get a video uploaded!

Onto food!

Turkey Sausage & Pepper Pizza:


1 package Turkey Sausage sliced/cubed

1 green bell pepper diced (use a large pepper)

1 medium white onion

pinch each-sea salt, black pepper, Italian seasoning

Olive Oil flavored cooking spray

pizza crust of your choice-we use Naan Indian Flatbread

low fat or reduced fat shredded cheese

In a large skillet coated with cooking spray saute the pepper and onion until onion is translucent. Add in cubed sausage and seasonings, continue to cook until sausage is done and has a golden crust about it.

In pre heated 400 oven warm Naan bread until golden, and top with sausage/pepper mix, followed by cheese. Allow to warm in oven until cheese is melted! Serves 2 people for dinner and lunch the next day!


More turkey…. I guess Fall is here, maybe I’m craving Thanksgiving with all of this Turkey Talk

Turkey Burger on English Muffin:


Cook up a Turkey patty, season to your taste, and serve on a toasted English Muffin instead of a bun and top with spicy Dijion mustard! I also had a little scoop of pureed black beans for added fiber, and washed it down with Newhall Coffee Pumpkin Spice coffee!

My fave Fall Breakfast:


Multi grain English Muffin w/Earth Balance Vegan Butter and an egg!! Wash it down with some Pumpkin Spice Coffee!

Now I’d like to share a really great story on a subject that is mentioned to me quite often, Lap Band surgery. Many many many of you have emailed me, Tweeted me etc in regards to my thoughts on the procedure. I’m a firm believer in you have to do whats best for you and I’ll be honest back in the end of 2006 before my wedding I actually considered this procedure, attended the seminar, and even went to the doctor’s visit. The only reason I didn’t do it was because my insurance wouldn’t cover enough of the procedure and I was in no position to pay for it right before my wedding in Vegas! The following story is true and please note this is only 1 side of the Lap Band debate. I want to again state that if this procedure is something you and your doctor feel is the best option for you then so be it.

I work for a hospital and our insurance covers weight loss surgery, I
finally decided in January of 2009, to go through with it. I was
approaching 245 pounds and I knew that my weight was affecting my
personal life, my professional life and beyond. I went to a seminar
to meet with the surgeons and see what my options were. I sat down
with the surgeon and discussed that the lap-band was probably my best
bet. I was just on the cusp of being a 40 BMI and that if I went with
the traditional RnY I would probably be very unhappy with the dramatic
and sudden weight loss that the RnY gives people. I wanted to keep my
procedure hush, hush. My boss is very judgemental along with many of
my friends and family. They have all talked very badly of other
people that have had procedures and I wanted to continue to have the
respect of my boss, friends, and family.
In August 2009, I had my procedure. Everything went fine. I stayed
the night at the hospital and came home the next day. I was on a
clear liquid diet for two weeks, the second phase I was able to
graduate to a regular liquid diet (milk based protein shakes and cream
based soups) for two weeks, Phase three was the baby food stage (stage
2 foods, yogurt, cream of wheat, etc…) By week six I could finally
move on to soft solids. It takes up to 6 months before you are
supposed to try and eat full on meats, nuts and other foods like that.
This whole time, you need to be watching your sugars (only
substitutes like Stevia or natural sugars like agave) and fats
(nothing full fat at all. You can only have fat free, light or low
I lost about 20 pounds in the first 6 months, but it was slow. I was
not very satisfied with my weight loss, I was hoping for more. I did
not get my first fill until 9 weeks post-op. A fill is where they
take a needle and insert it into a port that is in my abdomen. They
then inject saline into the port and it tightens the lap-band. Most
people only need a few fills before they are in the ideal restrictive
zone (or the green zone as they call it – Not too tight, not too
loose) I had my first in October of 09′ it didn’t feel like anything
had been done, I went back the next week, he put another cc in.
Nothing still. Finally on November 25th, I went in for a flouro fill.
This is where they fill you under the flouro imagining in the
radiology department. They can turn on the machine and see if they
are in the port and then watch as you drink a solution to make sure it
is going down the correct way.
One more fill in December, January, February, March and then in April
I went in for another, all with only another 5 pounds weight loss the
entire time. I had been working out hardcore at the gym since the
beginning of March trying to shed this excess weight. My port was no
longer accessible because of the muscle I was building up in my
abdomen. I couldn’t have anymore fills until I had surgery to move my
port. I had to wait until July as I was working it into a vacation I
was taking.
That procedure was on July 19th, my doctor moved my port and filled it
while he was in there. I went home that day and the next day I was
running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for our
vacation. I was having a hard time swallowing all day, couldn’t eat
or drink and I was feeling ill. I went to the emergency room that
night and found out I was dehydrated and my throat was nearly
collapsed because the band was too tight. They took out 2 cc’s in the
ER and I was able to gulp down a huge glass of water,
I went back to my doctor a few weeks later and he filled me with 1 cc
and it has been good so far. Of course I am awaiting another surgery
because the port is now tearing. It is very painful and I am
regretting ever having had this done. I wanted my doctor to remove
the band and do a gastric sleeve but because I have lost some weight
and am no longer a 40 BMI they won’t and because they will only do one
procedure per lifetime, even though this band is clearly NOT for me my
hands are tied. It is now up to me to get rid of this extra weight.
I stepped up my game when it came to working out and I have been
running every day. I have had more pain in my knees, ankles and feet
but I don’t think I will ever stop running. It is so utterly
satisfying and the results of weight loss and changes to my body are
absolutely awesome!
My only advice to someone who is contemplating weight loss surgery is
to research it. But even that cannot guarantee anything. Whatever
you choose though, healthy eating and exersize are a must. I have a
friend that had the sleeve and she doesn’t do anything in regards to
working out. She has lost 50 pounds in a year and thats it, she is
stuck. Weight loss surgery is not a fix, it is a tool to help you,
but you still have to work hard to obtain real results that will help
you get healthy.

I love the ending statement: Weight loss surgery is not a fix, it is a tool to help you, but you still have to work hard to obtain real results that will help you get healthy.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m 100 lbs down and I used NO pills, NO surgery, NO trainers, NO nutritionist just sheer determination and will power! This is something for you and no one else! So make today the FIRST MONDAY of your NEW LIFE!

Sign up for my Fabulous Fall Challenge and let’s do it! (Fill in the form to the right to sign up)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Healthy Wishes, T

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