Back In The Saddle, sort of

Hey there long time no type! Long story short….I have been MIA due to a horrible stomach virus. It came out of nowhere and completely took me out! There’s been no gym and really no eating until today, so my week has been pretty boring! So fast forward to today!

When I woke up this morning I was feeling better but not 100% so I decided to skip Spin because I knew it would really kill me if I was dizzy just getting out of bed. I decided to clean the house and catch up on laundry instead, which I’m sure the hubby was grateful for :). By lunch time my tummy was a rumblin’ and in a good way. I was craving something really fresh and light so I made a Apple Tuna Pockets! YUMMY! This is definitely a new fave!

Apple Tuna Pockets:

-1 can Tuna in water, drained

-1 small green apple sliced thin

-1 cup mixed greens

-1 1/2 tablespoons Vegan Mayo (I use Nasoya Dijon flavor)

-dash of Parmesan cheese

-1 pita pocket sliced in half (I use Whole Food’s Organic Pita)

Combine all goodies, except pita, in bowl and shake/stir until mayo is covering everything. Spoon mix into each half of pita, and enjoy the remainder as a salad! SOOOOOOOOOO goooooodddd!

That hit the spot and I was ready to leave the house! We ran out to re-stock the house and stop by our friend’s Jay and Desiree’s new house! So excited for them! they’re doing some work to it and it’s going to be spectacular when they’re down! Congrats on your first house loves!

While we were out I really felt the need to go to Whole Food’s! I mean I have been sick and in bed I just needed to go there LOL. I’m glad I did too! Not only did I gather some amazing yummies for tonight’s dinner, BUT I made some new Healthy friends! I passed out my business cards to a few people who were set up doing samples/tastings, but one I want to share with you is Chilly Cow! They were  set up near the check out and had a whole table full of delicious frozen treats. I leaned in to try and casually glance at the back of one of the cartons, and Ken Mr.Chilly Cow, convinced to me to take a taste. At first I was hesitant, I mean we are in the middle of a 20 pound challenge, I’ve been doing great, this one tiny cup could ruin me…..and he just said Oh come on indulge…..and I did! And it was HEAVEN! So creamy and smooth! The most perfect Chocolate Custard I have ever tasted!

So if you can get your hands on some Chilly Cow, check it out! I was also super happy to snatch a sample from Cascadian Farms!

Incredible! Dark Chocolate and Almonds and all gooey..mmmmmm

Allright I did manage to pick up actual food tonight! Since I was able to eat I wanted something super savory, and as bad as it is carby. I have been running on liquids and just really needed some good ol carbs! I came up with…..

Chicken Mozzarella Bruschetta “Pizza’s”:

Really quick and easy week night recipe! Also filling enough to serve at your Super Bowl party!!

-about 8 to 10 chicken cutlets cut into cubes

-1 pack of tomatoes, I used the medley pack from Whole Foods

-mozzarella cheese, fresh sliced into thin to medium slices

-fresh basil, chopped about 3/4 cups

-1 tsp each garlic powder, sea salt, and black pepper

-1 small loaf of Ciabatta bread sliced into small open face pieces

-EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to cook chicken/tomato/basil in

In a large skillet coated with EVOO begin cooking the chicken, add in garlic-salt-pepper and allow chicken to cook until it begins to brown. Add in tomato, I sliced the larger ones and left the tiny one’s whole, along with basil making sure to combine everything well.

Once chicken mixture is cooked, spoon mix onto Cibatta slices topping each with Mozzarella cheese. Place in oven under the boiler and allow to crisp up! Remove and serve!

Really yummy, filling too! I munched the smallest one and I was completely full!

I’m going to sign off now, change into my pj’s make a cup of tea and get ready to watch America’s Best Dance Crew! My good friend Angela, aka my gym buddy, has a dance student competing and their crew performs TONIGHT 10PM EASTERN! GO DRAZTIK! Best of luck to them as they fullfill a dream of a lifetime!


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