August Goals

Happy August 1st!!!

I love the first of the month because it’s a time of renewal. It gives you the oppourtuinity to start fresh or make new goals or try last months goals all over again. For the month of August I’ll be Tweeting with the hash tag #AugustGoals I would love for all of you to Follow along and Tweet using the hash tag too! Use it when setting a new goal, accomplishing goal, or maybe you just need some support. Let’s rally together and make August Awesome!

Here are my goals for August:

-ride my bike a minimum of 3 days a week putting in a minimum of 4 miles each time

-start lifting heavy weights (I really want to get into weight lifting!! Get strong!)

-no bread, no baking for the entire month! No even a whole wheat pita!

-no week day alchol consumption, not even a glass of wine at night

-100 ctunches every night during my “tv/down time”

-blog atleast 3 times a week

That’s quite a list when I write it all out!! Comment below with your August Goals!! I’m looking forward to seeing where this month will take us!!

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Healthy Wishes, T

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3 thoughts on “August Goals”

  • My August goals are…
    – Minimum of 20 miles per week (run, bike, walk, swim, however)
    – Minimum of 105 ounces of water per day (1/2 my body weight)
    – Sticking to 1500 calories (with none of them after 10pm)
    – Get at least 6 hours of sleep per weeknight (harder than it sounds!)
    Putting them in “writing” makes them seem more concrete. Thanks for the inspiration!

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