Apple Cinnamon Bake

So yesterday I posted this little gem…..

And received several responses in regards to the recipe. So being the little darling that I am I shall share it with you A La Wordless Wednesday (well as wordless as I can be) style!!!

3 apples roughly chopped

3 gluten free rolls sliced

Add sliced bread to apples,sprinkle with all spice, and mix

Spoon mixture into over sized greased muffin tin and pour coconut milk over the top of each

just enough to wet everything

Place in pre heated 350 oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown

Serve ASAP!!!

Questions of the Day:

-What’s your favorite apple recipe?

-Do you like to mix different kinds of apples when baking/cooking or do you stick with just one?

Healthy Wishes, T

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