A Present for YOU: Bulu Box

I can’t believe Christmas is 1 week away! Where did the year go? I wish I could buy each of you a present but unless Santa brings me a winning Power Ball ticket you’ll just have to settle for this little gift……

A FREE Bulu Box!! By visiting: http://www.bulubox.com/box and choose the plan that works best for you. Be sure to enter the following code: box6282 in the coupon code box like the one pictured below.

What is a Bulu Box you ask? Well….. Each Bulu Box contains samples of the best vitamin and supplement brands on the market. From tried and true protein formulas to innovative new ways to increase energy, from a 3-day slimming cleanse to a week-long beef up, from Vitamin A to Vitamin Zinc and everything in between – each Bulu Box is an opportunity to discover a better, healthier you.


Subscribe to Bulu Box with this coupon code and receive your first box free. You may cancel at anytime. Free shipping and no shady fees. There you have it….a FREE gift from yours truly…..but it doesn’t end there……Once you receive your Bulu Box and LOVE it, and you will, you may use this same coupon code EVERYTIME you order and you may pass it along to a friend and they can receive a FREE box too!!!! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

So now that we are all warm and fuzzy from the gift of healthy giving don’t forget to email me your favorite cookie recipe for the virtual cookie swap! I extended the deadline after I received a few emails last minute.

Healthy Wishes, T

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