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Today being a GORGEOUS day and all I wanted to take Zachary some where “special”. Well it’s special to me at least. I took him to my FAVORITE place in all of Rhode Island, Thayer Street on the East Side of Providence. I LOVE it there friends. I have lived in and seen some AMAZING places, but nothing tops Thayer Street. No where else can you on one side of the street enjoy a greasy chili cheeseburger in a 50’s diner setting, Johnny Rockets, and then on the other sip extremly expensive wines and munch on Spanakopita (Greek appetizer made from phylo dough)!! So crazy and amazing at the same time.

As we walked along it made me very nostalgic. Before becoming a wife and mom I lived just 2 minutes from what I call Heaven. I spent many a Saturday afternoon there shopping at Urban Outfitter’s and gobbling up speciality pizza from Antonio’s. Thayer Street has something for everyone and that is why I wanted to bring Zachary there. He, being much like mommy, loved the people watching. From motorcycles to trolley cars it is a constant parade of sights.

We, of course, walked all the way down Thayer to the coveted Brown University. Zachary’s first look at an Ivy League school. I think he mentioned something about a degree in Political Science with a minor in Journalism…..also playing Football and being awarded the Heisman trophy…..I think that’s what I heard him say as we gazed up at the students enjoying some sun on the grassy knolls.

And! You can’t leave Thayer Street without sampling some of the worldly cuisine of East Side Pocket’s! If  you love and enjoy Greek food this is the place for you!!! From Falafel to Chicken Wings they have it all. Plus they pride themselves on being Vegetarian Friendly! Check out their site: http://www.eastsidepocket.com/index.html

Ryan is working today so Zachary and I scooped him up a Falafel Pocket and took it to him at work to munch on! He was a happy camper then!

What a wonderful afternoon I had with my little guy. I can’t wait to go back!! I have posted some pictures below for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy Thayer Street!!!



east side pockets





And as always, I leave you with Sweet Dreams….These are the Gluten Free Vegan Carob Chip Brownies from last night!


I made them from the mix, and modified it just a tad. I used Organic egg whites and subbed coconut oil for vegetable!

Oh, P.S. Training for today:

-2 miles this AM

– 3 blocks on Thayer Street

-6 miles on bike

-100 crunches using balance ball

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