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Happy Friday!!!

Ok so I was over at Ryan’s Aunt’s house and she had Oprah on. I haven’t watched Oprah in forever, but I love her Favorite Things show. I want to have a Talk Show simply to do things like that! I want to be like and next on my list ” A VIIIIITTTTTAAAAAA MMMIIIIIXXXXEEEERRRRR” (That’s me in my Oprah voice) and everyone would start jumping and crying and screaming Tera Tera Tera….sorry I got carried away hehehe. (Oh by the way the product above is the Vita Mixer-it’s on my wish list ūüėČ )

So obviously I don’t have my own Talk Show, yet, but I can still do a Girl Gone Healthy Favorite Things post! So tonight is dedicated to people, products, and just things that make my world go around! If you have a Favorite Thing that makes your world go ’round then please share! I love learning about new products, bussinesses, people-Whatever! I just like the Inside Scoop! So go grab a drink and a healthy snack, sit back, relax, and here’s TTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA that’s my announcer announcing my arrival in an Oprah voice. (Side Note-This list is pretty random LOL)

Products I can’t live with out:

Amazing Grass I L-O-V-E this stuff! It has totally replaced my morning coffee and truly helped my tummy. You can purchase Amazing Grass right here on GGH! Just click on the gorgeous Pom Mango Infusion jug (big and orange) to the right and shop away. Use HEALTHY123 at check out for an even bigger discount!

LARABAR‘s- UMMMM super delish! This little beautys are perfect when I know I’m going to miss lunch, post hard core cardio work out or when I need a snack! My absolute FAVE is the Peanut Butter Cookie¬†I have died and gone to heaven with the first bite.

Chobani Yogurt Perfect quick breakfast, addition to light lunch, mid day snack. LOVE it. The strawberry is my fave with a close follow from the Blueberry and then not to far behind would be the Honey. I even won a FREE CASE by playing SPOONS on Twitter! It arrived today look! ?

Awesome I know! You could win a  free case too! Follow http://twitter.com/chobaninicki Great recipes too!

Stevia In The Raw¬†The perfect sugar substitute! You can toss out any other sweetener and all of your white sugar because Stevia is where it’s at! From chocolate chip cookies to sprucing up coffee, one time and your tongue will rejoice! So will your body because it’s ZERO everything! So feel free to get a little Sweet!

My friends at Stevia In the Raw are going to give one lucky GGH’er one of their brandy new Cup for Cup bags and some 50ct boxes of Stevia packets! I bet you’re wondering what the heck a Cup for Cup bag is right?! It’s only a bag of goodness!

This bag is perfect for baking, filling the “sugar” canister, or whatever you would typically use sugar for. Allright, wanna know how to win?!!

This contest is going to be Valentine’s themed!!! I shall call it Sweets for my Sweet! To enter simply do one of the following:

1.) Send in a sweet treat recipe re-vamped with Stevia

2.) Follow Stevia in the Raw on Twitter and tell them Girl Gone Healthy sent ya! http://twitter.com/SteviaInTheRaw

3.) Re Tweet this contest on Twitter, or mention it on your Facebook

4.) Add me to your Blog roll or post my link on your website-AND TELL ME!!!!!!

Do all 4 and you’ll receive 4 entries!!!


Good Belly¬†Who knew probiotics tasted so darn good! I swear I’m not sick this winter thanks to this little miracle! Plus my digestive system loves me for my little glass a day!

Ok on to some really lovely, healthy, awesome, amazing People and sites you should go check out! Please please tell them that Girl Gone Healthy sent you!¬†I check in on these sites daily and use many of their resources myself! I think you’re going to love them too!

Skinny In The City if Tanya Zuckerbrot and the ladies have groupies or a fan club, I wanna be President! Love these dah-lings ;).

The Gym Coach¬†Meet Samara! She’s new to GGH and I’m loving her ridiculous ripped ab’s! If you want the latest in fitness tips she’s your gal!

Full Plate Diet Enough said. You want easy, quick, fiber filled ways to get slim trim and give your body the fiber it needs, check FPD out!!  

Dairy Free BettyAKA Jessica! This little lady is a new Healthy Blogger! You can just tell she is the sweetest girl -EVAH! Her smile is genuine and she type hehe a lot. If you need to fix that sweet tooth head on over! She also just purchased her domain name! That’s a huge deal in our world-CONGRATS!

Glow Gluten Free They make cookies! Do I need to say anything else? LOL and they are GLUTEN FREE! Check them out!

–¬†Rising Stars Dance Academy¬†The premier Rhode Island Dance Academy! From tots to adults Angela and her staff will mold you into the dancer you’ve always wanted to be. All while promoting a positive self image, healthy well being, and an over all sense of accomplishment!

I could go on and on and on but I think that should do it for my First, but not last, Girl Gone Healthy Favorite things post! Next time I’ll get a little deeper into clothes, make up, work out gear, books etc! I just wanted to introduce you guys to some new people and may be even help you make a connection with someone in regards to something you’re looking for!

Have a wonderful night! And check out the info below! Dont wanna miss out on any fun!

I have been approached to do a cook book with all of my GGH recipes and I want all of YOU to get in on the fun! I have received so many recipes from everyone, and I love it, that I think we need to share them with the rest of the world. A large¬†portion of the cook book proceeds will go towards GBM research in my Father In Law’s name. GBM is the type of Brain Cancer Tumor that he had, and their is a definite need for more answers in regards to unlocking the mysteries around this type of tumor. The cook books will be reasonably priced and of course be helping a great cause. Please send any and all of your favorite HEALTHY recipes for¬†snacks, dinners, breakfasts, desserts, lunches, cocktails WHATEVER to girlgonehealthy@hotmail.com. I would really like to get this up and running again¬†ASAP! So gather up all of your faves and send them in by March 1st, 2010! Your name will go along with your recipe so it will be fun to have your name published! I look forward to seeing what you guys send in and seeing how much money we can raise for this effort!

Check out my newest Product! The Girl Gone Healthy Work Out TANK!

Follow this link and take a look! http://www.zazzle.com/girlgonehealthy

Thanks for reading and as always Healthy Wishes!

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