A Dozen Reasons

Happy New Year!!!

If you’re a Girl Gone Healthy fan on facebook or following me on Twitter then you know that I have already started working towards my 2012 goals. Notice I say goals and not resolutions, this is simply because you should live each day like today. Think of every day as a fresh start working towards your ultimate prize. Once some something is resolved it’s “finished” it’s “solved” being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is neither of those things. It’s a constant daily battle to live the best life you can live for yourself and the people you love.

With that being said, here’s where today’s title comes into play- A Dozen Reasons. I want you to get a sheet of paper and write down 1 dozen (12) reasons why you need to get healthy, why you should get healthy, and what you will gain from getting healthy etc… and you can include goals you have in mind for when you reach your goal weight or your fitness goal. Once you’ve compiled your list you have to own that list. I want you to tape it up on your bedroom mirror, put it in your closet, type it into your phone, or keep it somewhere that is just for you but you can still access it as a daily reminder.

My 12 are below.

{A Dozen Reasons}

1) I need to stay on a healthy course to be the best Mom I can be because my son deserves only the best.

2) I need to drop this 20 pounds because I want to feel better when I get on the scale. I know it’s just a number but that number makes me unhappy and I CAN change that.

3) I want to run a half marathon this year

4) I want to beat my 5k time from November 2011 (my 1st ever race!)

5) I want to “look good” for my husband. Ryan has also lost an incredible amount of weight and has put back in muscle. He looks amazing and deserves to have a gorgeous, confident, healthy, and fit wife. (He says I’m beautiful but I want to feel it)

6) I want to get into a size 10 and stay there, buh bye 11/12’s

7) I want to lean out and just keep the muscle I’ve built

8) I want to learn to box!

9) I want to have the confidence that my weight is NOT holding me back from making my dreams a reality

10) I want to continue to be an example for my son and show him that healthy eating is the way to go.

11) I want to live up to people’s expecatations of GGH. I want to go back to living it 100% and being here for all of you as much as I can. I want this Get Your Body Back campaign to be AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING!

and lastly…..

12) I want to drop this 20 pounds so that I can bring another beautiful, smart, healthy baby into this world

Through out this campaign I will be drawing help from some pretty amazing people, and I will be sharing what I learn with you! They will be assisting me with work outs and how to optimize my eating so that I can take this 20 pounds off the way I want to.

So I’d like you to meet Brian Fabian of B.U.I.L.T fitness and Jennifer Jordan of For The Glow! I consider them to be our secret weapons and I encourage you to reach out to both of them, follow their blogs, like them on facebook and follow on Twitter!

Brianhttp://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/BUILT/189540431069851 and http://www.badboyfitness.net/ 

Jennifer- https://www.facebook.com/ForTheGLOW?sk=wall#!/ForTheGLOW?sk=wall and https://twitter.com/#!/fortheglow 

I’m really looking forward to making 2012 the best year yet, as well as reaching a comfortable weight that is healthy and I can maintain.

{Coming Up Later}

-What you need food wise to get started (you can begin on Tuesday 1/2/12 if needed)

-Quick and easy at HOME work out that you can do 3 to 5 times this week!

-Suggestions to keep yourself accountable in order to reach your goal

Healthy Wishes, T

3 thoughts on “A Dozen Reasons”

  • Hi Tera

    Been reading your blog for ages now.. ever since I saw you mentioned in a Fit World newsletter… Congrats on your success thus far.. and I hear you – I want 2012 to be the best year ever – mostly health-wise!

    Wanted to mention something for you to check out – or rather, someONE…
    I’m sure you know who Susan Powter is. She’s doing Private Skype Training, where she does, well, private training on Skype, for 1 hour 3 times a week. I’ve been with her for several months and it’s just amazing.

    Just something I thought you might want to look into.. her new site is

    Best of luck to you in reaching your goals this year!

  • Hey Tera~! thanks for this blog! You are a continual inspiration to me… I’m glad i found you way back in the beginning of last year~ I am rooting for you to loose that 20 pounds and I know i will lean on your inspiration and tips to help me loose my 60 pounds of weight as well~ Thanks again and here is to a very successful YEAR ahead 🙂

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