89 Days

Easter has come and gone. Yet another family gathering with to much food, to many people, to many kids…..I’m sure I hit the nail on the head for all of you with some or all of that description ;).

Our Easter was quite lovely, and the best part was that it WASN’T at our house!!!!! WAHWHOOOOOO Thank you Aunt Chris for hosting, and putting out such a lovely spread. From ham to lamb she had it covered.

We had roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes (for me!), salad with home made red wine vinaigrette, and yummy sweet bread. MMMM

I have to just rewind for a minute and show you Zac coming around the corner to peek at his basket Easter morning…..

hehehehehehehehee, I just LOVE him!

Anyway, so we had a candy free Easter aside form the Reese’s PB Eggs for my hubby! Yes Guy Gone Healthy is one of those people who can eat 4 Reese’s PB Eggs and not gain an ounce…..it’s disgusting. I was LITERALLY 1.6 pounds heavier after I purchased them!!! Imagine if I had like licked one or something…..geez. I’d like to say it was a totally relaxing day but it wasn’t. We STILL have water coming into our basement, like right now….as I type this very sentence. Tomorrow will be a week and I’m sick of it. However, when I called All State this morning they were super. My customer service rep was incredible and so helpful and assured me that my claim would be set in motion ASAP. Rhode Island is being labeled as catastrophic…..um ya think! But anyhow, the sun we had today plus the sun we have over the next few days should ry us right up. (Fingers crossed)

If you Follow me on Twitter, which you should because it’s fun http://twitter.com/GirlGoneHealthy, you might’ve seen a Tweet about a new Challenge. Anyone up for it?

This Challenge is called 89 Days!

It dawned on me this morning that we are always so good before Holidays, weddings, family reunions etc….Basically when you have an event it’s very easy to get focused and buckle down. If you’ve been a long time GGH’er you know we did Hot for the Holidays/Lookin Fine By Christmas Time Challenge and a lot of you lost a considerable amount of weight. So this Challenge will be working towards Fourth of July!!!!!!!! Yes, I know my Canadian/International readers you don’t have the 4th of July but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate. We usually have a nice cook out and it’s usually hot and I wanna be able to wear a cute pair of shorts and a tank…..and look as HOT as the Fireworks we’ll be watchin’.

So if you’re with me and you want to be healthy and hot in 89 Days, Comment on this post with your commitment! It starts right NOW! So enjoy that last piece of EVIL Easter candy and toss the rest! And DON’T justify it being in the house because of “the kids”! They don’t need it either!!!

I can’t wait to read all of your commitments! Have a wonderful night!

Oh and if you need workout gear and nutritional help visit my alternate site: http://teambeachbody.com/girlgonehealthy click SHOP!

27 thoughts on “89 Days”

  • I love the idea of this challenge. For as long as I can remember I have not felt comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have that much weight to lose but just a little and truly I just want to feel healthy and energetic. This pledge is just what I need to help me accomplish my goals!

  • I love the idea of this challenge. For as long as I can remember I have not felt comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have that much weight to lose but just a little and truly I just want to feel healthy and energetic. This pledge is just what I need to help me accomplish my goals!

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  • Count me in! I signed up for another program and am supposed to reach my goal by July 7th. I’ve done good so far but with the stress of life, i’ve had a few small set backs and it’s been a by hard for me to keep my head up and start working harder; I think this is just the motivation I need.

  • I am going to GET THIS!! Since my last pledge did not do well, I have to focus on this 1. Thanks for this challenge Tera!!!

  • I am quickly coming to the end of my own personal Challenge(The 100-Day Veggie Challenge)! It has been a great adventure for me and I am committed to eating a mostly Vegan diet. The Official end of the Challenge is 18 April. I am in for the 89 days! In fact, I’ll just incorporate it with my own and when mine ends, just keep yours going! I love it! As I may be moving to Santa Monica, California(scared to death of this momentous venture), I want to at least look decent when I step off the plane!:-)

  • Count me in! I signed up to lose 10 pounds for the holiday challenge and actually met my goal. It was the most amazing feeling!!!

    Now I’m somewhat happy with where I’m at but could stand to lose 7-10 more pounds and get back to 130…. from then on, it’s just maintaining it! If I could lose 10 in about two months, at the holidays no less, surely I can do it again!!!

    Thanks for the motivation. 🙂

  • Hi Tera,

    I’m in, babe…Since I’m one of those unfortunate people who doesn’t loose weight very easily, I will set my goal at another 10 lbs before July 4th…may not seem a whole lot, but trust me, it’ll take me a LOT of work 2 achieve this and I will be very proud of myself if I can make it!
    Thanx once again 4 the motivation, love, ur priceless! 🙂

  • I’m in!
    I keep putting this off and this will be good for me.

    I feel I disappoint my kids a lot. Well and myself.

    We are going on vacation beginning of August and so this is perfect timing!

    My twitter name is moreskinnypt

  • I am signing up for the challenge. This will bring me to my goal. Visiting family in mid-June so I am hoping to be almost there by then.

  • I am definitely going to be down for this challenge!! Count me in!! It will help keep me motivated and moving to get ready for the ING NYC Marathon (if I get in) and any other races and events that I plan on doing! Definitely want to focus on having a healthier life and working out more!!

  • I am SOOOO in on this one!!I have been working hard for 96 days…close to 35lbs or more GONE!! (I have decided to NOT step ona scale for 1 month, so it’s 35 or more at this point)

    My Commitment is 20 more lbs in 89 days!! That will be 5lbs away from my goal!! I plan to continue to do what I have been doing, since it’s working 🙂

    I have a wedding at the end of June and vacation in early July and this will be AMAZING for me to be the thinnest and fittest I have been in 7 years!!!


  • I’m in… So close to my pledge 20 and now this 89 day challenge. I’d like to be down at least another 20+lbs in 89 days. My goal is to be able to run a mile…not walk, not “sort of” jog… I want to run a mile non stop.

  • I am in for the challenge. Especially since I am now a Beachbody Coach with you 😉 Have to look good this summer for the first time since I was a kid. I have a mini challenge for myself. How fit can I be by May 6. Going to Vegas for NKOTB 🙂

  • I am down for this challenge! I’ve been working hard for the past 7 weeks and this will only motivate me further!

  • you bet I’m in for this challenge! After returning from a cruise vacation and getting ready for trail running season (first race in 3 weeks – ack!) I want to be looking good for summer. 🙂 We don’t have a 4th of July in Canada but we do have Canada Day on July 1st – also my birthday so an excellent goal benchmark.

    My commitment: focus on my weight training for toned arms, legs and abs! 3x per week with the weights to supplement my 6 days of cardio.

  • Oh I love when there’s a challenge to be accountable for! Bathing suits, skirts, tank tops, beach, less clothing = more exercise, eating better! Can’t wait!

  • I am in for this challenge. I have been exercising and eating right to get healthy and in better shape before summer and my NK Concerts. This will just be something to keep me going. Thanks!!!

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