48 Hours

It’s good ol Wednesday again….middle of the week….hump day….etc….and for most it means 1 step closer to the weekend but for me it’s 1 step closer to those 48 hours that could wreck my whole week of “being good” if I’m not ready for it. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked like this on a Monday when I look at the scale.


And whats worse is I know the weekend is coming! It’s not like the weekend is a new concept…it’s been around and it’s been around for a while. So why do we let ourselves slip? Do we think that calories only add up on week days? Or maybe because we work so hard and eat so well during the week we “deserve” to cheat? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for going on out and enjoying myself….


{and yes that is what my weekend parties look like….don’t judge me}

but what we really need to use Wednesday for is planning how we will make the weekend as successful as the week days. So let’s think about this, what do we usually do on weekends? Hmmmm….

sleep late, stay up late, don’t eat breakfast, skip a work out, eat a huge lunch and dinner, drink lots of beer or booze or maybe you’re really crazy and you do all of those things LOL. The way to combat against a bad weekend is really simple….try to keep your week day rituals around.

Attempt to go to bed at a decent hour, eat breakfast and make it protein rich, get out and get active-take that spin, Zumba, yoga class you never get to during the week, plan your meals…..this is HUGE! If you know you’re going out to eat check out the menu before you get there and stick with the choices you’ve made in advance, track your calories, drink lots of water, and try to limit alcohol and snacking.

See not so bad right?! I challenge you to try my simple weekend defenses and I bet you see this on Monday instead..

Healthy Wishes, T

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