3,000 Mile Relay Race from Los Angeles to Boston

First Ever, Non-Stop 3,000 Mile Relay Race from Los Angeles to Boston Supports Those Affected by

The Boston Marathon Tragedy

boston-strong_energybits-4_small-postcard-mobileBoston MA, June 6, 2013: Reminiscent of Amelia Earhart’s remarkable acts, an inspiring race called The One Run For Boston is about to make history in the running community. The One Run For Boston (www.onerunforboston.org) is America’s first coast to coast, non-stop, 3000 mile relay race ever to be attempted. It kicks off in Los Angeles Friday June 7th and travels through 14 states before hitting the Boston finish line June 30th, close to where the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. A baton being carried by each runner contains a GPS tracker that allows the world to watch the relay’s progress around the clock on www.onerunforboston.org. There are over 300 segments, each being run by an individual or a group. This non-stop race uniting runners across the USA is sure to earn a place in history as an epic adventure that benefits and supports those affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy.

The event is the brainchild of three friends living in the English countryside whose agency, Boundless Pursuits, holds events and unique adventures to raise money for good causes.  As one of the founders, Kate Treleaven said, “We created One Run For Boston to give runners all across America a dynamic opportunity to come together and show support for Boston.”

Catharine Arnston, the Founder and CEO of Boston based, ENERGYbits® (www.energybits.com) said, “The race is an amazing opportunity for the entire running community to show their solidarity for those who were hurt at the Boston Marathon tragedy. It’s also a chance for them to be part of history by doing what they do best – Running.”

It’s not easy to run any race, let alone a 3,000 mile race, which is why ENERGYbits® is not only sponsoring the race but also providing ENERGYbits® samples to all the runners to keep them fueled during their segment. ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, 100% organically grown spirulina algae and contain 64% protein, as well as 40 vitamins and minerals. Spirulina has been used by Olympic athletes and NASA astronauts for fifty years because it provides a steady stream of natural energy without caffeine, sugar, chemicals or stomach distress.

The cruelty and shock of the Boston Marathon incident is still being felt around the world. The One Run For Boston is a remarkable and positive way for everyone to unite and heal. Runners and non runners alike are encouraged to be a part of running history. Whether you sign up to run a segment, make a donation or purchase a T Shirt, it’s an exciting and meaningful way to make a difference. Registration and donation information can be found atwww.onerunforboston.org. All funds raised are donated to The One Fund.

About Bits of Health, Inc:

Bits of Health™ Inc. is a four and a half year old, nutrition company based in Boston, MA, that is making algae easy to understand and easy to take. The company sells four brands of algae bits that are swallowed (or chewed) by the handful: ENERGYbits®, ECOVERYbits®, SKINNYbits® and VITALITYbits®. Each brand provides different health benefits including: sports nutrition, increasing energy, reducing fatigue, improving recovery from physical or mental stress, providing a mental wake up, preventing colds, lowering blood pressure, balancing blood sugar, helping with weight loss, stopping hunger, boosting the immune system, removing toxins, and more.

Please visit any of the company’s five websites to learn more or to buy yours www.bitsofhealth.com, www.energybits.com, www.recoverybits.com, www.skinnybits.com and www.vitalitybits.com. For more information contact Catharine Arnston CEO Catharine@energybits.com, 617-886-5106; Twitter @energybits; www.facebook.com/energybits

About Boundless Pursuits:

Boundless Pursuits is an events agency based in the UK that raises money for important causes via epic adventures. In 2012 the agency organized an 8,000 mile non-stop relay which visited every corner of the British Isles in aid of a UK children’s charity. Their current cause is The One Run For Boston www.onerunforboston.org. For more information contact Kate Treleaven, kate@onerunforboston.org  or Jamie Hay Jamie@onerunforboston.org 011-44-1548-521540, facebook.com/onerunforboston twitter.com/onerunforboston.


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