2018 Find Your Word

2018 Find Your Word

Happy New Year!!

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I belong to several social media/blogging/writing groups and the main theme across all of those groups is to find a word for the New Year. Now these groups have been talking about “finding a word” since like October, OK maybe not October but for a LONG ASS TIME. And of course people are all like”OMG my word is Grow” or “shine” or “Blessed” and I’m over here like “can my word be SURVIVE?”

No but seriously…. *cue HONESTY BOMB* my family and I have been having a SHIT ton of SHITTY SHIT thrown at us since 2015, like an unecessary amount…. like who the HELL did we piss off to have this load of SHIT thrown at us and then have more piled on, and on, and on until I’m like ENOUGH but nope we just needed a litttttlllllleeeee more to top it off.

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To say that I’m exhausted (can that be my word?) would be an understatement….. but as I kept checking in with these groups and honestly trying to find my “word” I just kept getting frustrated, and I don’t think that’s the whole point of this whole “find your word” movement.

And then last night I randomly happened upon this photo/quote thing….

And all of a sudden I was FILLED with WORDS….. FOR. REAL.

Something about this just spoke to me…. LOUDLY. And I found my word…..


Focus, sounds pretty simple right? But NO….quite the opposite.

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The past 2 years I have been fighting…fighting so many fights….putting my time into so many things/people and the sad part is if I had just FOCUSed on the “fights” that were directly linked to my little family I might not be at the point I’m at :-(. But shoulda coulda woulda….

So from here on out this is how it’s going to be…

FOCUS on my little 4 pack and OUR NEEDS

FOCUS on Family that MATTERS (the ones who are there no matter WHAT. Not the pieces of SHIT that flutter in and out when they feel like it)

FOCUS on Friends that are TRUE FRIENDS you know the Friends who are like Family, or pretty damn close to it- Just yesterday a Friend showed me the type of LOVE and Friendship that Ryan and I try to show our TRUE Friends- and it just warmed my heart and renewed my faith in people

FOCUS on my relationship with my husband. I have neglected our relationship for a few years now … I guess having two “special needs” kiddos will do that to you… BUT in 2018 I WILL Focus on US #HimAndI is my “word” for Us

Lastly, Focus on ME….next to my husband I neglect MYSELF the MOST. NO MORE #Savage is my “word” for Me

So I want to know, What’s YOUR Word?

Happy, Happy, HAPPY NEW Year to YOU, Tera

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